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Store 53 rue Saint André des Arts, Paris 6th - Email: Hello@charlie-paris.com - Tel: 0967411237

Diving watch

Concodia, Charlie Paris' diving watch

In the sea, lake, or river, you need a watch model for outdoor activities and diving. For this, you need one Men's Watch Whether it's on land or underwater, you can accompany you with your favorite design. Charlie Paris men's diving watch was found immediately: Concordia. We designed and developed Concordia, as a tool that can be carried with us every day, forever. Because of its specially designed enclosure for extreme conditions, the screwed top and the bottom of the tightening, concodia is fully sealed and has passed a 30 atm pressure test. This seal allows you to swim or dive. CompareSports Watch Or oneWaterproof watchOur comcordia men's diving meter is 300 meters waterproof, with super high strength sapphire glass and 316L stainless steel shell, with 2 years warranty.

Beautiful automatic or quartz men's diving watch

In addition to aesthetics, our comcordia Charlie Paris watch is equipped with different types of sports. For kongdia quartz, we chose a high-end sport: vh31 of Japanese precision industry. Developed in 2016, the quartz movement features "hitting" four times a second, making the second hand smootherAutomatic watch-Yes. For an automatic version of a 40mm diameter 316L steel shell with one-way rotary baffle, it is equipped with a 2824 automatic mobile device made by ETA in Switzerland, which is the automatic mobile device you can find in the most famous watch brand.

Men's diving watch, suitable for your lifestyle

The automatic Concordia has different dial colors, such as black, blue, brown, or white. Explore our different types of Concordia diving watch to find your favorite diver. The comcordia diving table dial is equipped with a super light pointer and indexer to provide you with good readability at night. The comcordia men's diving table has quartz and automatic version. In addition, these men's diving watches have an easy to replace Bracelet system. All our BraceletsFrench watchCharlie Paris is interchangeable. For diving, we recommend that you use a 20 mm nylon or steel men's watch bracelet to avoid damaging the bracelet. However, when you wear this men's diving watch every day, you can choose a leather strap. Our leather bracelets have different colors: black leather, brown leather, blue leather, etc., which are compatible with our various men's watches. These beautiful automatic watches are both strong and elegant. Every kangcordia men's automatic watch is shock proof, suitable for your personality. Thanks to our interchangeable bracelet, we provide a beautiful men's watch for your wrist.

Men's diving watch made in France

The Charles Paris watches designed and assembled in France are all French. Thanks to its high quality components, such as 316L steel or sapphire glass, your Concordia diving watch will accompany you for many years, both at sea and on land. Since we were founded in 2014, we have always wanted to make Charlie Paris meaningful, which is why we have to act on the ground. All our watches, such as Concordia watches, are designed and assembled by professional watchmakers near besanson, France. This no middleman production mode enables us to provide you with high cost performance men's and women's watches. Don't wait any longer, find the Concordia men's diving watch for you!