Le plus beau reste l'avenir

Since the beginning of our adventure, we have always wished to give meaning to Charlie Paris, to improve society at our level by making it more beautiful but also better. But nothing is perfect, that's why we present you today our different actions with a lot of humility.

Assembly of our watches in France

It is important to us to act locally, which is why our watches are assembled by hand in France by professional and experienced watchmakers. De par son histoire, la France est le véritable berceau de l’horlogerie européenne. We therefore wish to maintain and develop this formidable heritage by combining the times of both tradition and modernity.

A controlled production model

We have chosen to develop mainly directly, without intermediaries, so that everything is produced as accurately as possible, without overproduction, with a balance between permanent collections and very limited editions.
And we invest more and more in the quality and durability of our products while maintaining affordable prices thanks to our distribution channel without intermediaries.

Eco-friendly leathers

We work with tanneries that are certified by the Leather Working Group at the gold level. This certification ensures sustainable and responsible leather production: compliance with safety standards, reduction of substances harmful to health and the environment, and reduced water and energy consumption.

Moreover, the leathers that are produced from livestock are primarily intended for food consumption. By working with our tanneries, we intervene on the recycling and transformation of the skin by giving it a second "sustainable" life. 

Almost half of our bracelets and bags are made from vegetable-tanned leather. This tanning method is less harmful for the tanners and more environmentally friendly because the tannin comes from nature itself. And we will gradually increase this proportion.


Our packagings are manufactured by an ISO4001 certified partner, which ensures efficient and environmental management of the company. They are designed from recycled cardboard, ABS which is a recyclable polymer and with solvent-free glue. The paper we use is FSC certified.

Sustainable movements

If you want to limit your impact on the environment while enjoying a beautiful timepiece, keep in mind that an automatic watch will pollute much less than a quartz watch.

Running on the energy you create with your wrist, they contain no batteries or electronic components. This system can give them an incredibly long life, while being made of more eco-friendly components.

And since 2020, we've been offering solar-powered movements. This way, no need to use batteries!

Recycling your old watches

We participate in the circular economy, so that used watches do not contribute to accelerate pollution but on the contrary are recovered to be used differently.  With our partner EcoTempo, we offer you a simple way to recycle your used watches.

By recycling your used watches, in addition to making a gesture for the planet, you become an actor in the support of people in social difficulty thanks to the collaboration with the sustainable action program Agir Durable

100% independent

We are a 100% independent company able to act according to our own will. Neither financial investors nor large groups are present at the capital. This allows us to take our time, build the company on healthy bases and develop a long-term vision that exceeds a purely financial logic of growth or profitability. Nowadays as everything must always go faster, we are very happy to have this luxury to be able to develop ourselves at our own pace. We are convinced that the best is yet to come ...