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Montre quartz femme

Women's quartz watch

Découvrez notre sélection de montres françaises pour femme avec mouvement quartz.

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The Sully - Rose GoldThe Sully - Rose Gold
The Sully - Rose Gold Sale price$175.00

8 colors available

The Sully - Rose Gold/BlueThe Sully - Rose Gold/Blue
The Sully - Rose Gold/Blue Sale price$175.00

1 color available

The Sully - SteelThe Sully - Steel
The Sully - Steel Sale price$175.00

4 colors available

Vue de face du modèle de montre quartz étanche pour femme Aurore en version acier cadran bleuAurore - Blue
Aurore - Blue Sale price$195.00

1 color available

Vue de face du modèle de montre quartz étanche pour femme Aurore en version acier cadran émeraudeAurore - Emerald
Aurore - Emerald Sale price$195.00

1 color available

The Sully - Rose Gold/GreenThe Sully - Rose Gold/Green
The Sully - Rose Gold/Green Sale price$175.00

1 color available

Sold outVue de face du modèle de montre quartz étanche pour femme Aurore en version acier cadran acierGros plan sur le poignet d’une femme arborant le modèle de montre quartz étanche pour femme Aurore en version acier cadran acier
Aurore - Steel Sale price$195.00

1 color available


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It is important to us to act locally, which is why our watches are assembled by hand in our workshop in Paris.

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Quartz watch for women

Much more than a simple fashion accessory, a quartz watch is a timeless creation that accompanies you through life, while allowing you to assert your style by complementing your outfits. If the differences between a quartz watch and an automatic watch for women are numerous, it is above all for its ease of use and for its great precision that one will choose to wear a quartz watch. A quartz watch for women also has the advantage of being less thick than an automatic watch. They are therefore perfect for the thinnest of wrists or for women looking for a more discreet watch. All the cases of our quartz watches, whether they have a silver or pink gold dial, are made of 316L steel. In addition, all our watch straps are interchangeable and allow you to accessorize all your women's watches. Very easy to use thanks to our flash pump system, each quartz woman's watch is customizable. You can adapt the watch model to the style you like the most: a woman's watch with a classic style, a vintage watch, a jewel watch, a sports watch, a minimalist watch, a glamorous watch or a watch for a casual look. We offer several collections of quartz watches, each with their own particularities, so that you can find the watch you need.

  • The Sully watch is our very first watch designed specifically for women. Available in steel or rose gold, this classic city watch is the perfect representation of Charlie. Discreet, slim and delicate, it is the ideal accessory and timeless. With its many watch straps, you'll never be tired of wearing it on your wrist. Easily change the style and color to match the seasons and your desires.

  • If you are looking for a modern and sporty timepiece, the Aurore watch is for you! With its easily adjustable stainless steel strap and 10 ATM water resistance, the Aurore waterproof watch will stand up to your life as an active woman, as well as your summer swims. The Aurore is a sports watch and a steel watch, but it is also a feminine women's watch. Whether you prefer a sober steel dial or are more attracted by the emerald green or navy blue dial, the beautiful Aurore waterproof watch will not leave you indifferent.
  • Inspired by our very first mixed watch models, the Solaire quartz watch collection is a small revolution. While quartz watches are normally powered by batteries that need to be changed every two years, this is not the case with our Solaire watch, which runs on light rays. A classic look but a resolutely unique movement and unlimited autonomy. Available in steel or rose gold and compatible with all our 18mm straps.

Make your choice among our elegant watches for women with quartz movement!