Understanding the Miyota 9015 self-winding mechanical movement

Miyota 9015 Movement

Always in search of precision, reliability and good value for money, in most of our "three hand, date" automatic watches we use the 9015 movement from the Japanese manufacturer Citizen Miyota. In this article, we will present the company Miyota, the characteristics of the 9015 movement and our opinion on it.

  1. Citizen Miyota Company
  2. Features of the Miyota caliber 9015 movement
  3. Our opinion on the citizen Miyota 9015 automatic movement


1. Citizen Miyota Company

Citizenis a Japanese watch factory founded in 1918.Eternal rival of Seiko, a high-end Japanese watchmaking company, like the latter, it is a true manufacture. Indeed, Citizenthrough its branch Myota designs and builds its own calibers.The brand has a real watchmaking history and today offers exclusive watches equipped with patented technologies such as movement."Eco Drive".The Citizen manufacture is a Japanese company recognized internationally for the robustness and reliability of its movements. It was on it and its Miyota 9015 caliber movement that we turned when choosing the mechanism for our first automatic watch, Initial


2. Characteristics of the Miyota caliber 9015 movement

Here are the technical characteristics of the 9015 automatic movement from the Citizen Miyota manufacture:
Miyota caliber 9015 movement
Thickness: 3.9mm
Ruby: 24 jewels
Display: Date, hour, minute, second.
Shock absorbers for the balance
Precision:~ 20 seconds per day
Power reserve: P42 hours

3. Our opinion on the citizen Miyota 9015 automatic movement

The Charlie Paris team agrees to praise the merits of this mechanism. Watchmaking enthusiasts agree to qualify this movement as a real "tractor", for its robustness and reliability.This movement has manual winding, which allows you to wind your watch yourself, using the crown, if you have not worn it for several days and the power reserve has run out. All these qualities together and its great precision make it a reliable, very serious and very popular movement.

At Charlie Paris, we are committed to offering you watches that are both sober and remarkable, with excellent value for money and responsible manufacturing. All our watches arefrenchbecause they are drawn, designed and assembled in France with high quality components. We offer mens watches and watches for womenwith the Citizen Miyota 9015 automatic movement like our Initial watch in both men's and women's versions.

miyota movement

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