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Why is Greenwich Meridian the reference meridian?

 greenwich meridien hour

Greenwich is now the world reference time, but where does this standard come from?

GMT, "Greenwich Mean Time," what does that mean?

The term of GMT, Greenwich Mean timeGreenwich's average time dates back to 1675. At that time, establishing an average time in a given village was intended to help sailors determine to them degree of longitude en sea. Greenwich Royal Observatorylocated in this area of London, helped British sailors calculate their longitude in relation to Greenwich Meridian. So gradually many railway companies adopted Greenwich average time, as in the case of the Railway Clearing House in 1847, it was not until 1880 that it was accepted as legal time in the United Kingdom.

From the average time of a fishing village to the reference time, the birth of Greenwich time

At that time, however, there was no real proposal to divide the world into time zones. Each nation defined its hour in relation to the path of the sun in the sky: when it reached its peak, it was noon. Many cities proposed to become the world's leading meridian, notably London with the Greenwich district and Paris with the Saint-Sulpice district.

Finalement, 2 August 1880, at the conclusion of negotiations, Greenwich was adopted as the world's legal time. Since then, Greenwich's average time has been temporal reference throughout the world for most of the XXèmecentury. While London won the battle of the schedule, it seems that the City of Light has won the war of watchmaking, as its walls contain many renowned master watchmakers, among them Charlie Paris !

The meridian of Greenwich to the test of science

But think again! Recent studies have revealed astonishing revelations:“meridian origin” (supposed to mark by convention the zero degree of longitude)is offset 102.5 meters to the west from what should be its position. Greenwich would not be at longitude 0 but at longitude 00 ° 00 ′ 05.3.

Today the exact term "the hour GMT is the term UTC. L'the hour UTC is an hour even more precise than the year 'the hour GMT! Find out where the UTC time comes from and how it is calculated in clicking here

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