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Why is Greenwich Meridian the reference meridian?

greenwich meridien hour

The term GMT, Greenwich Mean time, dates back to 1675. It was not until 1880 that Greenwich was adopted as world legal time.Greenwich is the global benchmark today, but where did this standard come from? We will explain everything to you through this article.

  1. GMT, "Greenwich Mean Time": meaning
  2. The birth of the Greenwich hour
  3. The Greenwich Meridian to the Test of Science


1. GMT, "Greenwich Mean Time": meaning

The term GMT, Greenwich Mean time, dates back to 1675. At that time, establishing an average time in a given village was to help sailors determine their longitude en Wed The Royal Greenwich Observatory, located in this part of London, helped British sailors calculate their longitude in relation to the Greenwich meridian. While many railway companies gradually adopted Greenwich Mean Time, like the Railway Clearing House in 1847, it was not until 1880 that this was accepted as legal time in the United Kingdom.


2. The birth of the Greenwich Mean Time

From the average weather of a fishing village on the benchmark timetable, Greenwich Mean Time was born. However, at that time, no division of the world into time zones had really been proposed. Each nation set its time in relation to the path of the sun in the sky: when it reached its highest point, it was noon. Many cities then proposed to become the world meridian of reference, in particular London with the district of Greenwich and Paris, with the district of Saint-Sulpice.

Finalement, August 2, 1880, after negotiations, Greenwich was adopted as world legal time. Since then, Greenwich Mean Time has served as a world time benchmark for most of the 20th century.thcentury. If London has won the battle of the timetable, it seems that the City of Light has nevertheless won the war of watchmaking, as its walls contain many famous master watchmakers, including Charlie Paris!


3. The Greenwich Meridian to the Test of Science

But think again! Recent studies have made astonishing revelations: The "prime meridian" (supposed to mark by convention zero longitude) is offset 102.5 meters west of what should be its position. Thus, Greenwich would not be located at longitude 0 but at longitude 00 ° 00 ′ 05.3.

Today the exact term for GMT time is UTC. UTC time is even more precise than GMT! Discover by visiting our watch blog, where UTC time comes from and how it is calculated.

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Greenwich Mean Time

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