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Vortex on watch: what's the use of it?

Whirlwind within a watch: What is it for?-Charlie Paris

What is the vortex on a mechanical watch? Page: 1

cyclone Is a clock complication whose main purpose is to reduce the effect of gravity on an operation.Mechanical watchPage: 1 By reducing the influence of gravity on the movement of the mechanical watch, the mechanical watch becomes more accurate.

The historic turn of the first whirlwind:

LecycloneWhen did this happen Abraham Louis breigerBy the end of 18third Mechanical watches in this century are always advanced or backward.

This is because GravityPage: 1 In fact, at that time, the watch was a small watch that went through a pocket, so it was always in a vertical position. Therefore, due to the influence of gravity, the balancer and helix, also known as a clock regulator, are more attractive to the ground, and the oscillation performed by the balancer is no longer stable.

Do you want to know more about time guard? click here Let's see how we get from Solar antenna First time to mechanical watch reach quartz watch

first cyclone Abraham Louis breigett's idea was to allow balance not just in a vertical position, but in 360 degrees, which would counteract gravity. He first applied for a patent in 1801 cyclone But this technological achievement can only be shown to the public since 1806

cyclone Mechanical watch It's a cage that contains a balancer, a screw and an exhaust system. The cage spins in a minute

Now the whirlwind

since Eddy current in mechanical watchAt the end of the 20th century, the bell tower continued to revive and improve.third This century, it was determined that a cyclone would be more effective if it was tilted 30 degrees, and then the whirlwind began to rotate three axes, just like the jagglecoot rotation.


What's the use of the whirlwind on today's mechanical watch? Page: 1

It should be noted that with the advent of watches in the early 20'sthirdThe necessity of the century cyclone For the sake of accuracy, it's not so obvious now. In fact, when the watch is held on the wrist, it is never in the same position, so the effect of gravity is naturally compensated.

For oneMen's WatchOneWomen's WatchEspecially for aAutomatic watchYes cycloneHis watch is still the symbol of a high-end watch, a witness to a real clock skill, and its complexity constantly attracts and amazes us!

Since 2014 Watches made in FranceAs your clock evolves We hope to have a watch out soon. cyclone autographCharlie Paris !

 Automatic watch

Automatic watch

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