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Connected watch vs Automatic watch: the match!

Today, technological advances give us some comfort in facilitating us some tasks. For this, technology is present in many sectors such as the watchmaker. The connected watches have emerged with technological advances. Will automatic watches be abandoned for more practical connected watches? Which watch is the best between an automatic watch and a connected watch? Today, Team Charlie Paris helps you make your choice andYou present the fierce battle that opposes automatic watches with connected watches!

  1. How to recognize an automatic watch and a connected watch?
  2. Connected watch and automatic watch, precision, autonomy and service life
  3. The price of connected watches and automatic watches
  4. Connected watch and automatic watch, a real match?

1. How to recognize an automatic watch and a connected watch?

Zoom on the automatic watch:

As a reminder, an automatic watch is a mechanical watch with automatic winding. Indeed, there are two main families of mechanical watches. On one side, the mechanical watches with manual winding whose mechanism works by going up its watch thanks to the crown located on the side. On the other side, there are the so-called automatic mechanical watches. The wrist movements actuate a pendulum that keeps the mechanics running. So, if you wear your automatic watch every day you do not need to go back. A crown is still located on the side to allow you to adjust the time and manually reset your watch if you wish.

Zoom on the connected watch:

The connected watch is experiencing a real boom and has invaded the watchmaker from the launch of the Apple Watch in 2014. Since then, Apple has released 3 new versions and other brands like Fitbit or Samsung pull their game pin. Also connected watches called smart watches allow, by being connected by Bluetooth to your phone, access different applications, to offer you many features. Today, an intelligent watch represents a real extension of your phone and is appreciated for the many features it offers. This technology jewel allows you to listen to music, receive calls, consult your messages, to know the weather forecasts, pay your non-contact races and many other things. The integrated voice assistant is one of the most demanded and advanced features in terms of technological advance. The connected watches also find all their usefulness with dedicated applications. For example: the counting of the steps, the estimation of caloric expenditure, the monitoring of heart rate ... This interdependence is both the strength and the weakness of this type of timepiece. Their potential is fully than within an ecosystem. In addition, the connected watch also offers huge potential on the connected health side.


2. Connected watch and automatic watch, precision, autonomy and service life


Although these two types of watches give the time, the connected watch will be more precise than an automatic watch because it can connect to your smartphone to synchronize. The automatic watch has any relative accuracy with a drift of 5 to 15 seconds each day. Indeed, an automatic watch can take late or advance for two reasons. The movement of an automatic watch may be damaged over time, which disturbs its operation. Otherwise your automatic watch can be magnetized, that is, the movement of your watch has been attacked by electromagnetic waves. If the precision is something essential for you, you will have to turn to a connected watch model or quartz watch.


Regarding autonomy, connected watches and automatic watches are also different on this point. The connected watches or intelligent watches, discharge faster than automatic watches and should be loaded more regularly. Indeed, unlike automatic watches, the models of connected watches work on battery such as smartphones, so it is necessary to recharge them regularly and therefore have a limited lifetime in time. On average, a connected watch provides an autonomy between 2 and 16 days depending on the model. This small duration of autonomy can also constitute a brake on the purchase. To give you an idea, the Samsung Galaxy Watch watch as the Apple Watch must be recharged every other day or even daily if they are used continuously. In the best case, the connected watches offer thirty days of autonomy, but it remains very rare.

Automatic watches usually offer a 40H autonomy and if you wear your automatic watch every day, it is reloading alone. An automatic watch needs to be reassembled only if you do not wear it regularly. To do this, make sure the crown is pressed and turn it clockwise. When the crown hangs, it means that the reassembly is completed.

Lifetime :

The life of an automatic watch is longer than a connected watch. Indeed, an automatic watch can accompany you up to 20 years or more if you take care of it! Indeed, if a problem occurs, a watchmaker will surely be able to repair your timepiece. For this, it is necessary to make regular revisions by a professional on average every 3 to 5 years.Regarding the life of a connected watch, it dies after three years and it is impossible to repair it.

Thus, the connected watch is more accurate but has less autonomy and has a shorter life than an automatic watch. Make your choice following the criterion you judge most importantly in your eyes.


3. Connected watches and automatic watches: the price

The average price of a connected watch is 230 euros. The connected watches are currently offered at prices between 180 euros and 270 euros for example to afford a Sony Smatwatch or the Samsung Galaxy Gear. Between 300 and 2000 euros, we find fully connected watches like the Apple Watch. Regarding the price of automatic watches, it is variable, automatic watches can be found at less than 200 €. It is possible to find an automatic watch of very good quality from 400 €.

In the low cost segment you can find below 100 euros all types of watches, whether it is a connected watch or an automatic watch. Connected watches and luxury automatic watches have significantly higher prices. For example, Apple offers a luxury version of the Apple Watch. This very high-end version is the Watch Edition model, a model with gold enclosure available from 11,000 euros and is offered in its most luxurious version at 18,000 euros. Other brands of connected watches do much stronger in price.


4. Connected watch and automatic watch, a real match?

If the price is not an element sufficient to make a choice between an automatic watch and a connected watch, other items can make the difference. The automatic watch is a real jewel, history and luxury symbol, while the connected watch is an innovative watch, a technological jewel that testifies to the latest advances.

If you are looking for an authentic watch, wearing like a jewel, then choose a beautiful mechanical watch with automatic winding. An automatic model will accompany you many years with elegance, without as much as you have to go back daily. If you are rather amateur technological jewelry, a connected watch will fill you. Similarly, if you already have multiple connected devices, a smart watch will be a very useful extension thanks to dedicated applications.

At Charlie Paris, we believe that a connected watch is useful for sport because it allows you to follow up, however on a daily basis its utility seems limited.We are never disconnecteds with a connected shows because we receive fromMany notifications. By the way, buying a watch is also adhering to a brand universe, values ​​and in a certain way,A watch reflects your personality. So, if you like technology a connected watch seems adapted but if you prefer the authenticity and watchmaking know-how, an automatic watch is ideal, and it will accompany you a lifetime unlike a connected watch!

To conclude, there is no good or bad watch, whether it's an automatic watch or a connected watch. Each type of mechanism has advantages and disadvantages. It's up to you to see what best fits your needs, your budget, your tastes and your sensitivity. Are you seduced by the charm of tradition or innovation? The beautiful automatic watches will undoubtedly always always have their place and the public, but do not the watch manufactures have not been interested in this market? Who will be the first luxury watches manufacture to dare to break the codes by launching a connected watch? The debate is probably only opening up within the high watchmaking sector ...

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