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Article: Choose the ideal watch for a successful summer

Choose the ideal watch for a successful summer

Charlie Paris explains how your watch can spend the summer on your wrist without worrying about it getting damaged. There are several things to consider when choosing a summer watch. We let you discover them in this article and we also propose you a selection of summer watches for women and men.  

Points to consider with a summer watch

The summer period is known for its higher temperatures than the rest of the year. Above 40°C, the heat can start to become critical for a watch. Indeed, when exposed to heat, the components of the watch tend to expand. This phenomenon is even more important if it is a vintage watch.

  • In the summer, water activities are common and for that it is better to be equipped with a waterproof watch. There are different stages of waterproof watches. As a reminder, "ATM" is the abbreviation for "normal atmosphere", it is a pressure unit that indicates the water resistance of a watch. For the summer, we advise you to opt for a waterproof watch from 5 ATM.  A watch with a lower water-resistance rating, such as 3 ATM, means that your watch is water-resistant in the case of slight exposure to water, such as when you wash your hands or when it rains. This type of watch is therefore less suitable for the summer.  
  • From 5 ATM, your watch is slightly waterproof. The 5 ATM water resistance allows your watch to withstand submersion in water, so you can use it for swimming. However, if you are planning a swim, make sure it is calm, avoid jumping and diving! A 5 ATM watch will not withstand activities that will put your watch under excess pressure. The 10 ATM waterproof watch is perfect for summer. This type of watch allows you to enjoy your swimming for a long time, you can do sport swimming and diving reasonably, without fear of damaging your watch. Watches with a water resistance of 30 ATM and above are completely waterproof watches. These watches are resistant to the practice of scuba diving with deep water tanks. With this type of watch you can dive, swim and do water sports without fear of damaging your watch. Diving watches are usually water resistant to 300m. If you go swimming in the sea, you should know that salt water is no more dangerous for your watch than fresh water. Simply rinse it with clean water if it has been exposed to sea water, to avoid salt crystal incrustation. In addition, we recommend that you have your watch checked regularly for water resistance by a watchmaker, especially before the summer vacations to ensure that everything is working properly.
  • During the summer, watches are confronted with different elements that can damage a watch: water, sand, heat, etc. Some watch straps are more adapted than others to these elements. A nylon strap is the ideal ally for a summer watch. Both sturdy and water resistant, the nylon watchstrap can accompany you on your swims, in the sea or in the pool. Leather straps should be avoided in summer because leather is not water resistant and tends to swell and stiffen under the influence of salt. In addition, perspiration and sunscreen will damage a leather strap. Another alternative to the nylon strap is the Milanese mesh strap. At Charlie Paris, our Milanese mesh strapsare made of 316L steel, an alloy known for its durability and also its high resistance to corrosion. In addition, its quick adjustment system is ideal in summer because under the effect of heat the wrist swells and it is then necessary to adjust the size of the strap. You can choose from our Milanese mesh watch straps in rose gold or silver. 

Charlie Paris' tip: Whatever the waterproofness of your watch, do not take a shower or bath with your watch because condensation may damage it and leave a cloud of mist under the glass.  

Our selection of Charlie Paris summer watches to take everywhere with you

The Charlie Paris watch to take with you this summer : the Concordia men's watch

The ideal watch for the vacations must be robust and waterproof, it must also resist to high temperatures. The Concordia is a diving watch that meets all these criteria: waterproof to 300 meters, a 316L steel case, a curved sapphire crystal, readable in the dark, a screwed crown and back and a nylon strap. The nylon watch straps come in different colors such as blue, black, beige, khaki or gray. The Concordia with quartz movement is 38mm in diameter and comes with a blue, black or white dial. This men's diving watch model is also available in an automatic version. The automatic Concordia has a diameter of 40mm and a unidirectional rotating bezel.

montre de plongée homme

The Aurore, the perfect waterproof women's watch for summer

Our Aurore 10 ATM women's watch is waterproof to 100 meters and accompanies you with femininity all summer long. This watch has a diameter of 32 mm and fits perfectly on the female wrist. Its luminous dial is available in several colors: emerald, blue, sky blue, steel or sand. The dial of this women's watch features large hands that reflect the sun's rays. With its 316L steel strap and feminine lines, this waterproof French watch will fit all situations this summer!

montre vacances femme

The solar watch: a summer watch for men and women

As its name suggests, the solar watch is powered by the sun. Its classic yet contemporary design is perfect for summer. Our solar watch is recharged by photovoltaic sensors installed under the dial that capture this energy. A few hours of sunlight can charge the battery for several weeks. The solar watch is an elegant watch of mixed size to be worn with an interchangeable strap preferably in nylon or Milanese mesh for the summer. This mixed watch with a diameter of 37mm, fits both female and male wrists. This 5ATM watch assembled in France exists in rose gold or silver version, with a white or blue dial.

montre solaire

A 10 ATM waterproof men's watch for summer: the GR watch

Designed and assembled in France, this men's watch with a sporty look is waterproof to 100 meters. GR stands for "Grande Randonnée" and is a registered trademark of the French Hiking Federation, with whom we had the opportunity to establish a partnership. As a nod to the red and white markers you find on the Grande Randonnée trails, we have engraved on the back of the watch the markers "change direction to the right", "change direction to the left", "right direction", "wrong direction". The sporty and modern character of this watch is ideal for a man's wrist in summer. The GR watch has an ultra-resistant sapphire crystal and a 316L stainless steel watch case. Available with a quartz or mechanical automatic movement, as well as a 10ATM water resistance, the GR sport men's watch will accompany you if you want to swim in a river or in the sea. Different colors of dials exist for this man's watch: blue, sand, gray, white, smoked blue, white and blue. You can also match the color of your nylon strap to the dial of your watch, but other colors exist like black or khaki. A stainless steel mesh strap is also available on this watch model.    

montre vacances

The Charlie Paris team hopes to have helped you in the choice of your watch for this summer. We invite you to discover our watch models for this summer as well as all our French watches.

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