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Quick Start Guide to an automatic watch

If you think buying an automatic watch, you just acquire one or you're just curious, Team Charlei Paris explains in this article you need to know to use it well. If you feel a little lost on the operation of a automatic watch or you will like to have some clarification, do not you, Team Charlie Paris presents a small manual that will allow you to take control of your automatic watch. 
  1. What is an automatic mechanical watch?
  2. What are the precautions to be taken with an automatic watch?


1. What is an automatic mechanical watch?

  • The operation of an automatic watch

We begin by recalling how quickly an automatic watch. Unlike a watch battery, called quartz watchThe automatic watch is powered by the energy generated by your wrist when moving. Among mechanical watches, there are mechanical watches with manual or automatic winding. Unlike a mechanical hand-wound watch that needs to be wound daily, an automatic watch has no need to be raised if you wear it every day.

  • The autonomy of an automatic watch

The automatic watch has a power reserve, a reserve of energy that will allow it to continue operating even when you are not wearing it. Chez Charlie Paris, our Automatic watches for women and men have about 40 hours of battery life. So, if you do not wear for a few days or more, your watch may stop. If your show is stopped, we recommend that you manually back for twenty laps. For this purpose, the crown is turned when pressed (pressed against the housing). In general, we must turn the crown clockwise thirty times to recharge fully. When you wind your watch feel a little resistance, this corresponds to the spring stretches. Do not manually move your shows when you wrist is risk of twisting the stem of your crown. Also, if you do not move your wrist lot during the day, we recommend every morning before putting your watch, make some turns of the crown. This will help restore energy to your watch and thus prevent it stops during the day.

  • The tolerance of a movement

The automatic movements will have a variable accuracy, depending on the type of movement. It is quite normal for your automatic watch advance or delay of a few seconds per day. The tolerance of each of our automatic watch is listed on the datasheet. For example, our collection of automatic watches Initial offers dry tolerance -10 + 30 sec / day. This means that your watch may delay of 10 seconds per day or advance of 30 seconds per day, it remains normal and requires no adjustment on our part. This is the maximum tolerance, this does not mean that your watch will shift all. Our Concordia automatic watch has a tolerance of -0 / +15 secs / day.

If your automatic watch has a date, do not change it when the hours needle is between 21h and 3h because it means that the date change system is started. If you have to set the time during this period, we advise you to change the time by advancing the time so as not to damage your mechanism. Approximately every 5 years, you can revise your watch when you notice a change in its behavior (reserve that decreases, decreased accuracy, etc.). These settings are made directly from our after-sales service, or in a neighborhood watchmaker.


2. What are the precautions to take with an automatic watch?

  • Shock

Automatic motion watches are valuable and are sensitive to shocks, so it must be careful. We advise you to withdraw your automatic watch to play sports, especially when practicing a violent sport or for sports during which the watch is subject to strong shakes as well as centrifugal forces such as tennis or golf .

  • Pay attention to the tightness

Do not wear your automatic watch in the shower, even if the latter is aWaterproof watch. The heat can dilate the seals. If you use your watch for swimming or diving (10Atm or more), we advise you to have the sealing check every 2 years.

  • Shrink

Finally, avoid prolonged or too close exposure with a magnetic wave source (electronic objects, induction plates, medical devices, etc.). This could magnetize movement, and provoke erratic behavior of your watch. These waves will not damage your timepiece but rather degrade its operation and accuracy. Depending on the power of the magnetic field, your watch will be more or less impacted. A low exhibition will slightly disturb the march of your watch which will make it less precise. Conversely, if your watch is exposed to a high-intensity magnetic field, it can come alter its movement, or even stop it in some cases. If your watch is magnetized, the most common sign is an important and sudden advance. It is necessary in this case to entrust us with the watch or to go to a watchmaker, to demagnetize the watch.

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