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Article: The engagement watch, traditional wedding gift for the groom

La montre de fiançailles, cadeau de mariage traditionnel du marié-Charlie Paris

The engagement watch, traditional wedding gift for the groom

The wedding watch, the ring of these gentlemen! Traditionally, the bride gives a prestigious watch to her future husband as an engagement gift. The wedding watch, considered as the masculine jewel par excellence, has become a tradition since the democratization of the wristwatch at the end of the 19th century. Thus, the wedding watch has become the equivalent of the ring for these gentlemen. The wedding watch has a strong sentimental value, but which watch to choose? In this article, we guide you in this important choice and offer you a selection of watches for a wedding. 

Which watch to choose for a wedding?

  • A classic wedding watch. Go for a classic and elegant watch. Match the watch to the groom's suit, belt or shoes. The choice of the watch should of course be made according to the groom's taste. Our Horizon chronograph watch will go very well with a smart suit. Conversely, a sporty watch like our GR or Concordia will create a great contrast between modern and traditional.
  • A dressy wedding watch. In this case, we advise you to choose a leather strap. We offer straps in smooth, grained, raw or ostrich leather. In addition to the material, you can also choose the color that will best match your outfit for the big day. A leather strap in brown, chocolate, black, blue, green, etc., you just have to choose the color that will accompany you on the big day! All our men's watches are equipped with an interchangeable strap system, which allows you to change your strap very easily according to your desires. You can for example choose a sober watch strap on your wedding day and a more colorful one for the next day. 
  • A wedding watch that looks like the groom. It's your wedding, so the wedding watch should be chosen according to the groom's taste!

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