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Engagement watch, traditional wedding gift for bridegroom

Engagement watch, the bride's traditional wedding gift

The wedding watch, the ring of these gentlemen! Tradition has it that the bride gives a prestigious watch to her future husband as an engagement gift. The wedding watch, considered the quintessential male jewel, has become a tradition since the democratization of the wristwatch at the end of the 19th century. This is how the wedding watch became the equivalent of the ring for these gentlemen. The wedding watch has a strong sentimental value, but which watch to choose? In this article, we guide you through this important choice and offer you a selection of watches for a wedding.

  1. Which watch to choose?
  2. Watches for a wedding, our selection


1. Which watch to choose?

  • A classic wedding watch: opt for aclassic watch andelegant. Match thewatchpreferably to the groom's suit, belt or shoes. The choice ofwatch will obviously have to be done according to the tastes of the gentleman. Achronograph watch  Will go very well with a chic suit. Conversely,a  sports watch  will create a superb contrast between modern and traditional.
  • A dress wedding watch.We advise you to opt for aleather bracelet. All of our men's watches are equipped with an interchangeable strap system.
  • A wedding watch that looks like the futuremarried. It's yourswedding, thewedding watch should therefore be chosen above all according to the tastes of themarried.


2. Watches for a wedding, our selection

Of french watches elegant, classic and sober. These are the key words of all Charlie Paris watches. To help you make the best choice, we have made a selection of the most beautiful wedding watch (s) to offer.

  • The Initial Calendar, the automatic watch Complication signed Charlie Paris

men's automatic watch

  • The Initial Réserve de Marche, for an elegant and sober style

Automatic Mens Watch Elegant Wedding Engagement

  • The Bastille B4.6, the city watch for a successful marriage
automatic mens watch wedding engagement
  • The Horizon, the chronograph watch cut for a chic look

mens chic chronograph wedding watch

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