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Article: Which watch brand to choose?

Quelle marque de montre choisir ?

Which watch brand to choose?

Choosing a beautiful watch can be a real struggle. We ask ourselves different questions and the choice of the brand of watch inevitably comes back. Making the right choice of watch requires taking into consideration different elements such as the brand but this should not be the only criterion. The brand will play a role in your final choice but should not be the only element taken into account! In this article, Charlie Paris gives you his advice on the different elements to consider when buying a watch.

The price: affordable or expensive watch brand?

When you want to buy a men's watch or a women's watch, you want to please yourself and to do so, it is important to define your budget from the start. The watch brand obviously affects its price. For example, if you are looking for a sober watch with three hands, you will find different price ranges: affordable watches, mid-range watches but also luxury timepieces! Watches that look the same can range from 50 euros for a cheap watch to 50,000 euros for a luxury Swiss watch! Establishing your budget will allow you to sort out the cheap watches and the watches whose price is way beyond your budget. If you're looking for an afforadable watch, look more towards quartz women's watches because these types of watches have very few parts and are less expensive than automatic watches. Of course, this will also depend on the brand of your watch. A quartz watch from a luxury brand will be more expensive than a lesser known automatic watch brand. The use and occasion for which you buy your watch will also influence your budget. For example, an engagement watch will have a high sentimental value and your budget will probably be higher than if you want to use a watch for swimming in the summer.

The design: classic, avant-garde or sporty watch brand?

Your watch must be pleasant to look at because it is an accessory that you will wear every day. The appearance of your watch and the effect it will have on your wrist are therefore very important, well before the brand of the watch itself.

  • You can choose a watch with indexes or numbers of different shapes. Indexes are generally more discreet than numbers and produce an elegant look. On some watches, you can find doubled indexes, most often at 3, 6, 9 and 12 o'clock, to bring a perfect readability to the watch. On a sports watch you will certainly find luminescent indexes and hands. There are also several types of glass, more or less curved and anti-reflective. If you are looking for a fine and refined watch, we recommend a discreet bezel to give it a harmonious shape. The beauty of a dial and its balance is intimately linked to the choice of the shape of the hands. They dress up the dial of a watch and define its style. 
  • The design of your watch also depends on its size. Your choice of watch should be made according to the volume you are looking for: a thin watch for a discreet look or a more voluminous watch for an unstructured effect? However, do not forget to choose a watch adapted to your wrist.
  • Beyond the brand, the color of your watch and its dial is an important element to take into account. For men's watches, the most common colors are white, blue and black. It is difficult to advise you on the choice of a color, because it is a very personal choice. While most men's watches have a steel case, women's trendy watch cases are generally found in three categories: silver, gold and rose gold. To help you choose between a rose gold or silver watch, focus on the color that best matches your skin tone or the one you are used to wearing.
  • Finally, look at the watch straps offered as they change the style of a watch. There are leather, steel, nylon or plastic straps. Charlie Paris offers for example interchangeable watchstraps

After defining the design of your watch, you can focus on its movement. An automatic watch is more complex to manufacture and design. If you want to buy a watch for the beauty of its mechanism, choose the automatic watch brands. An open heart or skeleton automatic watch allows you to admire the workings of its movement. If you are looking for a watch that is not too fragile, choose a quartz watch. 

The quality-price ratio: An important element that depends on the watch brand

Beyond your budget, the design and the brand of watch you are interested in, it is very important that you look at the quality price ratio of your watch. Obviously, the value for money depends on the prestige of the brand, however here are some tips. 

If you are looking for a quartz watch at more than 1000€, the value for money will not be very good. If you are in this case, unless you are looking for a watch brand that really makes you dream, it is better to turn to an automatic watch where you can appreciate the complexity of its mechanism. With a budget of more than 500€, choose watches with quality components such as sapphire glass or 316L steel which are known for their resistance. If you don't have any indication about the movement, when you are approaching 1000€, the quality-price ratio of your watch is surely not very good. The warranty is also an important element in the quality-price ratio of a watch. It is important that you can easily get in touch with the watch brand if you have a problem, either by email, phone or by going to the store.

Our watch brand Charlie Paris

At Charlie Paris, we do our utmost to create timeless and unique timepieces, with an excellent quality-price ratio and a responsible production model. France has always been a great watchmaking country and is today a true cradle of European watchmaking. At Charlie we want to maintain this great heritage by combining both the times of tradition and modernity.

Since the beginning, we have wanted to give meaning to Charlie Paris. That is why all our watches are hand assembled in France, near Besançon, by professional and experienced watchmakers. We offer automatic and quartz watches for men and women. All our watches use an interchangeable strap system that allows you to customize your watch to your liking. At Charlie's, you'll find city watches with clean lines like our Bastille watch for men or the Sully for women. Our Initial watch collection, for men and women, includes automatic watches with or without complications, skeleton watches for men or women, with or without visible mechanism. 

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