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Article: All you need to know about the watch dial

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All you need to know about the watch dial

The watch dial is the visible part of the front of a watch. Also called "the face of the watch", it gives information about the time. It is an important part of the watch and contains numerous indications such as hours, minutes, seconds and the date. The dial can have many colors and different elements that bring a particular signature to each watch, such as the logo for example.
Thus, it can be worked in different ways to dress with allure your wrist. There is therefore an infinite number of possibilities for watch dials, and this is precisely what is interesting! There are different materials to dress a watch dial: steel, enamel, mother of pearl, wood or ceramic. White, black, blue, green, gray, yellow or red. With a sunburst, sandblasted, matte, glossy or brushed finish. With a classic dial or an open heart that leaves the mechanism visible. So many possibilities to meet everyone's taste.

These elements are generally found on every analog watch dial:

  • The indexes that refer to the marking of hours on the dial of a watch. They can replace the Roman numerals or Arabic numerals that also display the time. 
  • The dial can also be composed of counters. For example, a chronograph counter is an element of the dial that indicates the number of revolutions of the chronograph hand on the dial.    
  • The date window which is a small opening on the dial of a watch. which usually informs the date but can also indicate the day of the week for example.
  • The logo of the brand of the watch which is usually located at 12 o'clock on the top of the dial of the watch.
  • We can also find other elements written on the dial of the watch as the words "Automatic" or "Waterproof", "Made in France" or "Swiss Made".

What size watch dial should I choose?

You have noticed a watch model that suits you but you don't know which watch size to choose for your wrist? Charlie Paris gives you his tips for choosing a watch size that fits your wrist.The diameter of the case is an important component to consider when buying a watch, but you should also consider the size of the watch from lugs to lugs. Lugs are the small attachments to which watch bands are attached.

  • We recommend that you choose a watch with lugs that do not extend beyond your wrist to avoid a feeling of overload.
  • Also consider the thickness of the watch. For the same watch diameter, a thick watch will have a larger volume and will look much more imposing than a very thin watch.

The size of the watch case is an important element to take into account when buying a watch.

  • For a wrist of 15cm or less we recommend a watch with a case diameter of up to 32mm. Our small Sully women's watch would be perfect for you!
  • For a wrist size of 15 to 17 cm a case between 28 mm and 36 mm will fit you like a glove. In this case, our Initial 36 or Aurore watches will fit perfectly on your wrist.
  • For a wrist size between 16 and 18cm, choose a watch case with a diameter between 36 and 44mm. All our men's watches are included in this range.
  • If your wrist circumference is greater than 19 cm you can afford to opt for larger cases ranging from 42mm to 50mm.

    We hope this article has inspired you to find the watch of your dreams. We look forward to seeing you on our website to discover all our French watches!

    Our watch dials, by Charlie Paris 

    All of our Charlie Paris watches are designed and assembled in France. Through each of our models we try to transmit our passion for watchmaking and to offer you various models to meet your expectations. At Charlie Paris we offer you different watch dials, using quality components and at a fair price, let us make you discover some of them...

    • Initial Automatic Watches: Our Initial collection is our automatic watches for men and women. The Initial 36 for women come with a champagne or white dial. For men the Initial is available with a white or blue dial. The Initial automatic also exists in an open heart version. The Initial open heart white or blue has a steel colored 24 hour counter at nine o'clock. The transparent seconds counter gives you a glimpse of the watch movement with the small blue seconds hand. In the center of these two dials you can see the so-called open heart of the watch. You can appreciate the workings of the movement of your watch with a ruby in its center that reduces friction. The logo, located at noon, consists of the stork in steel and the Charlie Paris written in black. The indexes of this watch are made of steel and just behind them is the track of the watch that tells you the seconds. For women, the Initial 36 open heart exists in pink gold and silver version.
    • Horizon Chronograph Watch: The Horizon with blue, black or white dial is our chronograph watch. The Horizon watch has three hands, the hour, minute and the large blue second hand corresponds to the stopwatch function indicating the elapsed seconds. The counter at noon shows the elapsed minutes and the one at six o'clock shows the seconds of the watch. At three o'clock, there is a small opening called a window that displays the date, on this watch it is a window with applique. At nine o'clock, we find the Charlie Paris logo written in black with the stork in steel. The indexes to indicate the hours and minutes are made of steel as well as the railway for the seconds. The Horizon is also available with a blue dial and a yellow second hand. We have also released a limited edition, the Horizon Blue Tachymeter watch, on a 1000 meter base. This complication is visible in orange along the track of the watch.
    • GR men's watch : The Grande Randonnée watch is a waterproof men's watch with interchangeable strap. It has a design inspired by the past but with a resolutely modern sporting character. In quartz or automatic versions, this watch exists with a green, black, blue, white, sand or white and blue dial. On the dial of this watch, the time is indicated with numbers from 1 to 12. All around the dial of the watch is a track that corresponds to a timer scale. Our limited edition, the GR Urbex has a brushed gray dial with a raised hour numeral and sub-counter.

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