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Super-LumiNova on a watch: What is it for?

How do your watch hands even see themselves in the dark?Simply put, thanks to the Super-LumiNova on the hands of your watch. This blue-green gel allows the needles toshine in the night and therefore to tell you the time. In this article, we will see in more detail the features of the Super Luminova on a watch.

  1. Super LumiNova, a substance rather hard to find
  2. The effect of Super-LumiNova in a watch


1. Super LumiNova, a substance that is rather hard to find

Since the possibility of reading the time on any occasion, it was necessary to find techniques for this reading to be done at any time of the day and night.
That's why Pierre and Marie Curie have looked at the problem and radioactive materials are being discovered.This is the beginning of the association between chemistry and watchmaking.

But the problem arises with regard to the Radioactivity  products. To overcome this problem, a few years later, chemists used titanium. This product had a big advantage: to be less harmful. It also had a drawback and not least, its lifespan is only 12 years.

Thus, the partnership between a Japanese company Nemoto and a Swiss company RC Tritec allows the watchmaking world to find THE solution!
The boss of RC Tritec brings back from China a luminous ceramic made from strontium aluminate. In 1994, the LumiNova patent was filed.

This process is not only used in the world of watchmaking, but it is also used for signage for example.


2. The effect of Super-LumiNova in a watch:

The Super-LumiNova, when subjected to ultraviolet light, accumulates energy. When the light source is turned off, the accumulated energy comes out as light.

This phosphorescent super-LumiNova pigment does not degrade over time and therefore allows with its blue-green color to be able to read the time on your Watches CharlieParis at any time. This system is indeed present on GR models and Concordia, you find this waterproof watch and this diving watch Below.

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lighting needles shows in the dark