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Tachymeter, what is it?

Tachymeter, what is it?-Charlie Paris

Watch traymeter. What's the point?

Watch trachymeter, definition

The term tachymeter seems abstract? Let's start by defining it.
A tachometer is an instrument thatmeasure speed of an object but also of a living being. This instrument takes into account speed in kilometers per hour, that is, how long we will take to travel a distance. With this instrument, we can visually determine ourcourse time. In the world of clockwork, this concept can be found in chronograph watches. Thechronograph watches have a tachymetric scale on their dial, thanks to the needle of seconds that indicates the time required to travel your distance.

Watch trachymeter, operation

How do you run a chronograph watch or a tachometer watch?On a chronograph watch is a pusher that throws the needle for seconds, its needles belong to this famous chronograph. Once the chronograph is launched, the needle must be stopped for seconds after a kilometer. Following this stop we can look at the number of the needle positioning itself. This figure indicates our speed in km/h. For more information on chronograph watches, please visit our explanatory articlehere.

Tachymeter, the different types

A tachometer consists of different scales of measurements: specified, unspecified scale, or two scales.
-With onespecified scale indicates your speed in kilometers per hour over a 1000-meter graduation.
-When you have a tachometer watch with a
unspecified scale, that just means you have to base yourself on a 1000-meter scale.
Two scale levels means several graduations on your watch, the first one also bases on 1000 meters unlike the second that is based on 100 meters.
You were seduced by the world of chronograph and tachometer? We're going to be out of this very soon on our watch collectionHorizon.
watch chronograph man
blue chronograph watch

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