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Store 53 rue Saint André des Arts, Paris 6th - Email: Hello@charlie-paris.com - Tel: +33967411237

10 automatic watches within 500 €

Automatic watch less than 500 euros

Discover our selection of automatic watches for men and women within 500 euros. Comics and assembled in France, our automatic watches have a sapphire glass, a system of interchangeable bracelets and are guaranteed 2 years. These "Made in France" watches are available with different dial colors (blue, black or white watch) and different styles of bracelet.

Automatic watch: a sustainable watch

A automatic watch is a watch without electronic and stackless element. Indeed, it recharges thanks to the movement of the wrist of the one who carries it. Moreover Automatic mechanical watch Well maintained will follow you over several generations, its lifetime is almost infinite unlike a quartz watch which, spent some time, can no longer be repaired. A revision every 5 years will allow your watch to be at your side a lifetime. So by buying a automatic watch You choose a sustainable and ecological watch.

The automatic watch: a very beautiful object

The displacement of the needles is made more fluid and linear than on the quartz watches, where the second hand performs small jumps. Thus the display of the time is much more aesthetic on an automatic watch.

All Our automatic watches Let the finesse and complexity of the mechanism of which they are provided with a transparent sapphire glass background. The mechanical watch is a concentrate of technical knowledge, a truly fascinating timepiece!