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Blue Ladies Watch

Blue Lady's watch: Eternal color, loved by everyone

Women's blue watch is an eternal watch, whether it's modern or classic, you just need to choose the blue watch that suits you! For men and women, blue is the French favorite color. Why is it blue? The love of blue is only recently appeared. Blue represents the color of holy light, then Royal, which refers to the blue of the royal guard uniform, known as "King's blue". Then blue became more democratic, sailors used "Navy Blue" to capture the color, and then it was young people's turn, and before blue jeans came out, it provided a global influence for the color. Since 2000, Pantone has been named the best color of the year, and Pantone 19-4052 classic blue has been named the best color of the year in 2020. This is an eternal and lasting color, simple and elegant, which is the ideal choice for watches.

Women's blue watch, Charlie Paris

In Charlie Paris, we put all our passion and skills into creationWomen's Watch Blue, eternal and unique design, with excellent cost performance. Our blue watch series brings together different female watch models. Explore our beautiful women's Blue Watch:
  • Our beautiful lady Blue Aurora Watch Women's waterproof watch Navy blue dial. This steel watch is supposed to be with you all year round. Silver bracelets and feminine lines, French watch Adapt to all situations in daily life. This 32 mm diameter watch is elegant and feminine, which is very suitable for women's wrists. On its bright blue dial, the hands are arranged by volume, and the sunlight reflects well there. Aurora offers you a modern look and true comfort.
  • Our solar watch has a blue dial. The time keeper's box comes in two colors: pink, maple or silver. Depending on your choice, it can be paired with rose gold or silver bracelet. Whatever you choose, let yourself be seduced by its classic and modern design. Our elegant simulation shows that the blue dial of the solar women's watch provides a casual, calm and elegant style. Blue rose gold sun watch is a fashionable watch suitable for various occasions.
  • Our classic minimalist sully is Quartz movement Watch white dial. This analog watch is a fashion accessory that can be customized with our interchangeable strap. If you want a low-key blue woman, choose Sally and a blue leather bracelet. This blue watch bracelet will bring a feminine and sober feeling to your blue lady watch.

All women's blue watches have stainless steel cases. In addition to our precious blue dial watch, we also offer different colors of blue strap.

Blue Lady's watch for your lifestyle

In Charles Paris, we offer you Interchangeable strap So you can customize the watch according to your preference. The system is easy to use because its flash pump system offers you a variety of watch combinations. Looking for a classic navy watch? Choose our navy Mick leather strap. You can also choose our exquisite and simple blue texture leather bracelet to make this watch bracelet an integral part of your wrist. Buffalo leather is a kind of non abradable leather, which can be worn anywhere, especially on anything. For summer or when you are looking for a light blue bracelet, our textured leather famille rose Blue Watch Bracelet will undoubtedly appeal to you. This interchangeable Bracelet system allows you to play on the colors and materials of your quartz lady watch. You like blue, but you don't like other colors? Don't worry, you can choose a blue lady's watch. The next day you can choose white leather, black leather, brown leather or Milan Silver Mesh bracelet.
Every blue quartz watch can make your wrist look more beautiful. Whether you like the blue dial or our blue leather bracelet, the blue women's watch adopts the safety value of the new watch. Every Charlie Paris watch is also a beautiful jewel and a good idea for your lover, such as a birthday present. Please visit our website to learn about our women's blue watches and interchangeable bracelets. In addition to ten eternal colors, you just need to find your own!