Blue women's watch

Blue women's watch: a timeless color, loved by all

The blue watch for women is a timeless watch, in modern or classic versions, you just have to choose the blue watch made for you! For both men and women, blue is the favorite color of the French. But why blue? The love of blue is recent, blue represents the color of divine light, then royal in reference to the blue of the uniforms of the royal guard called "royal blue". Then the blue is democratized, sailors seize this color with the "navy blue", then it is the turn of young people, before the arrival of blue jeans that provides this color a global scope. Since 2000, Pantone elects the color of the year and the PANTONE 19-4052 Classic Blue is elected Color of the Year 2020. A timeless and durable hue, elegant in its simplicity, ideal for a watch.

The blue women's watch, by Charlie Paris

At Charlie Paris, we put all our enthusiasm and skills to create timeless and unique designs for women's blue watches with an excellent value for money. Our blue watch collection brings together different models of women's watches. Discover our beautiful blue women's watches:
  • Our beautiful Aurore blue watch for women is a waterproof women's watch with a navy blue dial. This steel watch has been designed to accompany you throughout the year. With its silver colored strap and feminine lines, this French watch will adapt to all daily situations. Elegant and feminine, this watch with a diameter of 32mm fits perfectly on women's wrists. The luminous blue dial is set off by hands that reflect the sun's rays. The Aurore offers a contemporary look and real comfort when worn.
  • Our Solar watch with unlimited autonomy exists with a blue dial. The case of this timepiece is available in two colors: pink or silver. Depending on your choice, adapt it with a rose gold or silver strap. Whichever you choose, let yourself be tempted by its classic yet contemporary design. The blue dial of our elegant analog solar women's watches produces a casual, understated and elegant look. The blue and pink gold solar watch is a stylish watch for any occasion.
  • Our classic and minimalist Sully watch is a women's quartz watch with a white dial. This analog watch is a customizable fashion accessory thanks to our interchangeable watch straps. If you want a discreet blue women's watch, opt for the Sully and choose a blue leather strap. This blue watch strap will bring a note of femininity and sobriety to your blue women's watch.

All blue watches for women have stainless steel cases. In addition to our precious watches with blue dials, we offer watch straps in different shades of blue.

A blue women's watch that fits your lifestyle

At Charlie Paris, we offer you interchangeable watch straps to allow you to customize your watches to the rhythm of your desires. This system, easy to use thanks to its flash pump system, offers you multiple watch combinations. Looking for a navy blue watch with a classic feel? Choose our ocean blue Mick leather watch strap. You can also opt for the finesse and simplicity of our blue grained leather strap that makes this watch strap a must-have for your wrist. Buffalo leather is a timeless material that can be worn everywhere and with everything. You like blue but hesitate with another color? No worries, you can choose a blue women's watch and the next day choose a white leather strap, a black leather strap, a brown leather strap or a silver mesh strap. Each Charlie Paris women's watch is also a beautiful piece of jewelry and a great gift idea to offer to a loved one for example as a birthday present!