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Shop 53 rue Saint André des Arts, Paris 6th - Email: Hello@charlie-paris.com - Tel: +33967411237

Store 53 rue Saint André des Arts, Paris 6th - Email: Hello@charlie-paris.com - Tel: +33967411237

Private sales

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Discover our selection of Charlie Paris Budget Watches available for private sales!

At Charlie Paris we propose models of Watches for women And unique men throughout the year and find them during our private sales! Our automatic or quartz movement watches are drawn and assembled in France. We propose waterproof watches, sports watches, chronograph watches, diving watches, pink Gold watches, small watches for women, etc. Our Men's Watches And women also offer dials of different colors like a white dial, black, emerald, blue, green khaki, sand, champagne or pastel pink. All Charlie Paris watches are elegant and timeless, and During private salesBenefit from discount on some models. That you prefer a quartz watch or a automatic watch, a sports watch, a minimalist watch or glamorous watch, each woman watch is doing for all occasions. To best adapt to your lifestyle and sublimate all your outfits, all our watch bracelets are interchangeable. We offer a wide variety of bracelets, whether smooth leather bracelets, grained leather, ostrich leather, milanaise, steel or flannel. The colors are varied: blue, brown, black, red, green, beige, gray, etc., you will inevitably find the ideal bracelet for your new watch.Discover without further delay our watches for private sales at reduced price!

Reduced watches for our young brand of French watch & responsible

If you are looking for a reduced French watch, discover our private sales at Charlie Paris. Our young horlogery house is a brand ofFrench watchesAnd it is important in our eyes to act locally, which is why each Charlie Paris watch is assembled by hand in France, near Besançon, by professional and experienced watchmakers. Since the beginning of our adventure, we have always wished to make sense of our brand of Charlie Paris, make sure to improve society at our level by making it more beautiful but also better. Indeed, we seek to offer quality French watches for women and men, while having a positive impact, both societal and about. Whether with the assembly of our watches in France, our eco-responsible packaging, our partnership with Ecotompo to recycle your old watches or our model of mastering and sustainable production with a balance between permanent collections and very limited editions, buying a Charlie watch is supporting a young brand of French watch but it is also participating in a new way of consuming more just and responsible. Discover without further delay our watches for men and women.

A watch brand for women and men at a low price during private sales

Each of our man watches will accompany you for many years thanks to their quality components such as sapphire glass or their 316L steel housings. This responsible production model and Made in France allows us to guarantee you excellent value for our debut in 2014. Our different collections of men's watches allow you to discover varied and timeless watches: a steel watch, A mechanical watch, a man chronograph watch, a man sport watch, etc. The leather man watch is often considered the only gem of man. You can also choose a design or minimalist watch, to choose a time guard without complications. You can discover all our models of male watches and choose according to your personality by finding a beautiful men's watch adapted to the trends of the moment, while benefiting from reductions. We let you choose from our many men's watch models. Whether you are looking for automatic watches, quartz watches, electronic watches, sports watches, waterproof watches, diving watches, with a steel bracelet, or a leather strap, with Charlie Paris you can find the model Watch made for you in discount by discovering our collection of beautiful timeless watches!