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Please contact our customer service at as soon as possible so that we can modify or cancel your order before shipment.

We strongly recommend that you review the merchandise upon receipt to ensure that it is correct and does not present a defect.  If you receive an incorrect or damaged product, please contact our customer service within 24 days to file a claim.

Once your order has been placed, you should receive a confirmation email with a tracking number.  Orders, unless otherwise indicated, are shipped by Colissimo.

If the product does not suit you or you made an error on the order, you have 24 days to apply for exchange or refund. You only need to return the relevant article to us with the Return form, duly completed. Ensure that the item is intact and protected so that it is damaged during transportation. Once you receive your parcel, we check that the article concerned is in its original state and then proceed to exchange or refund.

It is up to the customer to arrange the return and pay the shipping costs. Please return the item to the address indicated on the form.


Yes, we deliver around the world, but the shipping costs are not available for overseas and you will probably have to pay the extra cost.

Delivery is offered in France from 25 euros, it is 10 euros in Europe and 20 euros in the rest of the world.

For France, the normal delivery time is 3-4 working days from the day of the order. If a product is out of stock or if delivery is made to remote locations, the delivery time may be longer.

If you order from a country outside the EU, you have to pay VAT and customs duties when you receive the package.  These fees are to be paid to the carrier.


Our 3ATM watches are splash-proof. These 3MTA involve all accidental contacts with water, this includes splashes, rain, housework, but in no way swimming, diving or showering. You can bathe with our watches, which are 5ATM or 10ATM. Our leather bracelets do not go into the water, we recommend our bracelets made of steel or nylon if you want to bathe with.

We recommend that you avoid violent shocks. In addition to aesthetic deterioration, premature wear of materials and components can interfere with the proper functioning of the mechanism of your watch.

Extreme temperatures.We recommend that you do not expose your watch to extreme temperatures (greater than 50 ° C or less than 0 ° C) or to sudden changes in temperature that could result in the formation of buoy under the glass. Most often, it disappears quickly and does not damage the performance of your watch. If this persists, contact our customer service at

Chemicals.Any contact with chemicals (solvents, detergents, cosmetics, etc.) can damage the exterior of the watch.

Sand:Any contact and friction with sand could wipe the glass, the metal of the housing or damage your bracelet. 

Water:We recommend that you do not put your watch in contact with the water to avoid discoloration or deformation. Please refer to the waterproofing of our watches.

Automatic watch.If you do not wear it regularly, we recommend that you step up the spring manually using the crown. Like any continuous micro-mechanism, automatic movement requires regular maintenance.

Quartz monster.Do not leave used batteries in your watch.

Please contact our customer service by explaining what happened and indicating your order number.  Our watchmaker will review your request and contact you to provide more information. We offer a two-year warranty on all our products; this warranty does not cover damage caused by water, steam or abrasion. The guarantee implies that the watch has been handled carefully.

It takes two to three weeks for a watch to repair. Our workshop records and keeps track of each watch carefully during the repair process. We cannot provide updates on the repair status of the recovered products. If your watch does not work, you can send us an email to or directly go to our shop.

Our batteries have a lifespan of about 2 years. You can change it to any jeweller and/or watchmaker.


Aging depends on your use, the exposure to humidity, the sun, etc. A leather strap can have a life span of several months to several years.

With our flash pump system, you can change wristbands inLess than ten secondsAnd with nothing more than your ten fingers.

Technical Details

The quartz movement is an electronic movement whose base of time is ensured by an oscillating quartz crystal. The energy required for its operation is provided by an electric battery. Our models contain a small lamella of this crystal, the peculiarity of which is to be piezoelectric. It thus emits vibrations at regular intervals when it is subjected to a power supply. The movement displays near perfect accuracy.

Please note!If the trotteuse, the needle of the seconds, of your watch does not align with the indexes of the dial, do not worry. That is quite normal. This is due to the game necessary for the proper functioning of the wheels of the movement.

The watches with an automatic motion are lifted by the movements of the wrist, which initiate the action of the rotor which then rotates on its axis. As with our Initial model, this movement weapons the spring, via a set of wheels. The first time you carry an automatic watch, it is necessary to make a manual reassembly to start the automatic reassembly mechanism for the suite.

How do I completely reload my automatic watch?The walking reserve is the amount of energy a watch can store so that its watch caliber can continue to function without being reassembled. Our Initial model at a walking reserve of approximately 42 hours. It empties if you don't move or wear it enough, which can cause the clock to stop. To reload it, we advise you to rotate the wreath in the direction of the hands of a watch when it is on the zero-screen position-in order to restart the watch and give it enough walking reserve to function normally.

Please note!We advise you to shake the watch to get it back on.

It is a watch that has the functions of a classic watch and a chronometer. In addition to the needles of the hours, minutes and seconds one adds a needle which starts, at the stop and recodes to zero on the simple pressure of a push. The minutes and hours counters are used to total the number of turns made by the chronograph's needle.

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