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Article: Charlie Paris X Love & Collect, a unique collaboration combining watchmaking and contemporary art

Charlie Paris X Love & Collect, une collaboration inédite où se mêle horlogerie et art contemporain

Charlie Paris X Love & Collect, a unique collaboration combining watchmaking and contemporary art

Next month, Charlie Paris will reveal its collaboration with the Parisian art gallery Love&Collect founded by Hervé Loevenbruck and Stéphane Corréard, two personalities recognized in the art world. A unique project where we gave carte blanche to two artists selected by them to work on our timepieces. Through this article, Team Charlie Paris is happy to tell you more about this unique Germanopratin collaboration.

  1. “Love & Collect”, little sister of the Loeve&Co gallery
  2. About the founders Hervé Loevenbruck and Stéphane Corréard
  3. Charlie x Love&Collect, a unique collaboration

1. “Love & Collect”, small sister of the Loeve&Co gallery

Loeve&Co is an art gallery, located at 15 rue des Beaux-Arts in the heart of the Saint-Germain-des-Prés district, founded by two lovers of contemporary French art: Hervé Loevenburk and Stéphane Corréard. This exhibition space is dedicated to French or foreign artists to rediscover and offers around ten exhibitions per year, around creators, movements, groups or historical moments. Thanks to Loeve&Co, the international audience for rediscovery projects by undervalued artists of the past is amplified and contemporary art is brought to the forefront.

The “art history store” Love&Collect is located on the same street at 8 rue des beaux arts and opened last year. The project builds on the success of Loeve&Co-llect's online experience, proven since the first confinement.

2. About the founders Hervé Loevenbruck and Stéphane Corréard

Hervé Loevenbruck created his first gallery in 2001 in the famous Parisian district of Saint-Germain-des-Prés. The Loevenbruck Gallery aims to bring to light a young generation of artists who are little shown but also to respond to an undercapitalized contemporary art world. Contemporary art activist and campaigner for the recognition of French art, Hervé Loevenbruck has embarked on a new project alongside Stéphane Corréard by creating the gallery called Loeve&Co, full of artists to rediscover.

Stéphane Corréard is a critic, journalist, exhibition curator and director of the annual Galeristes show which is held at the Carreau du Temple during “contemporary week”. Just like his partner Hervé Loevenbruck, Stéphane Corréard is an activist and committed actor in contemporary art in France. In addition to regularly holding exhibitions in public or private places, including several for the Galerie Loevenbruck, this contemporary expert is also the director of Loeve&Co.

These two involved partners are amplifying the international audience for their projects of rediscovery of undervalued artists of the past, in particular by offering amply documented monographs at leading fairs.

3 - Charlie x Love&Collect, a unique collaboration

For more than half a century, Saint-Germain-des-Prés has been home to the artistic, literary and entrepreneurial avant-garde, in fashion, catering and watchmaking. The meeting between the founders of Charlie Paris, Ambroise Paros and Adrien Sangle-Ferrière and of Love & Collect, Hervé Loevenbruck and Stéphane Corréard, is no exception to the rule. It was made in a German-speaking café at the initiative of one of their mutual friends, an art publisher, Aymeric Mantoux.

Between the young watch brand Charlie Paris and the multi-repeat gallery owners, initiators of the first artistic click & collect, the flow goes straight away. The first defend mechanical, traditional, quality watchmaking, the second the French artistic scene. Together, they decided to create ultra-limited series of watches designed and designed by contemporary artists. The condition ? That artists intervene directly in the development of their timepiece. It will be done.

Because these watches have been handcrafted as true original works of art. These are artists' editions, made from unique drawings produced for the occasion and then interpreted by the watchmakers. They have been designed in the style of lithographs or everyday artists' objects, and are produced in a limited edition (100 copies, not one more). Each is numbered, signed and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

“What we liked about Charlie is that in addition to being our neighbors in the Beaux-Arts district, they are young, creative, and fearless. It was the ideal partner to produce these artists' editions." - Hervé Loevenbruck

“Love & Collect combines more than half a century of experience and expertise in the art market. Difficult to find better for a collaboration that has meaning and is part of the history of art, not like a flash in the pan.” - Adrien Sanglé-Ferrière

“For a century, the relationship between art and life has become central to creation. By allowing everyone to wear a real miniature work of art on their wrist all day long, this collaboration allows us to deepen this relationship even further and make it very intimate. » - Stéphane Corréard

"We are very honored to have the opportunity to work with Hervé and Stéphane, who with a lot of pedagogy introduced us to the world of art and introduced us to incredible artists that we can't wait to present to you." - Ambroise Parlos

charlie x loeve & co

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