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Thomas Travers and Charlie Paris at the famous Nazareth surfland

Nazar is a town and autonomous city in Laila District of Estremadura Province, Portugal. The town, with a population of 15000, is located in western Portugal and is also a famous Surf Resort with waves up to 20 meters high. Surfer Thomas traversa, accompanied by Charlie Paris Watch, heads to the ultimate attraction in Nazareth. Today, team Charlie tells you about surfing, Thomas Travers and our new limited edition Concordia watch model, which we call Nazareth.

  1. Nazareth, a famous Surf Resort
  2. Thomas is surfing in Nazareth with our model Nazareth watch
  3. Nazareth, our watch brand Charlie Paris's Surf Watch 

one Nazareth, a famous Surf Resort

Near Nazareth is the Nazareth Canyon, an internationally famous surfing ground, where the biggest surfing record is often broken. What's the secret of this dreamland? A 5-kilometer-deep fault in the Atlantic Ocean stops in front of the lighthouse, forcing the underwater waves to stop, reflecting all the energy onto the water surface, forming huge waves.

This phenomenon has been around for a long time, but surfers didn't realize it until 2010, when the city hall tried to get Nazarenes through the winter by alerting surfers to this potential location. Garett McNamara surfs in Nazar é in November 2011, where there are 23 meters of mysterious waves. At present, the waves in Nazareth are the largest in the world. This is where Brazilian surfer Rodrigo kox broke the world record for the largest wave ever in 2018. It is 24.38 meters high, equivalent to a nine story building. From that moment on, Nazareth became a reference point for surfing.

Every winter, on the sea near Nazareth, huge waves will come. As people expected, this year's "huge waves" are just around the corner. This is an extraordinary performance, and the ultimate surfers gather together. Among them, Thomas Travers.

two Thomas is surfing in Nazareth with our model Nazareth watch

This year, French surfer Thomas traversa competed with our new surfer model in the world surfer spot in Nazar é Watch made in France "Nazarene." Huge waves near Nazareth, Portugal, are considered difficult and attract extreme surfers. Until February, it was a reference point for high-level surfers. Thomas traversa, a young French surfer, was first known for his wave performance, a hybrid of jumping and surfing. Then, in 2014, he became the world champion in the "fuzziness" discipline of the PWA world tour.

Thomas traversa just surfed in March 2021, the ultimate sport in Nazareth and one of the biggest waves in Europe. The waves of Nazareth are not the most beautiful, but the biggest, the most difficult and the most abundant. This is subtle because, unlike traditional shoals, traditional shoals produce huge waves on the sea, where you have to choose the right wave and its shape allows you to escape before the wave closes.

"My first wave didn't leave me a way out. I found myself in it. She grabbed me and swallowed me. I broke the mast... And then I tried to get off the beach, but it didn't work. It shows how complex the place is, "Thomas Travers said.

Surfing on this type of extreme spot requires being framed. Although this was the fourth time Thomas Traversa had been on this spot, two jet skis framed him when he was in the water to help him choose the right waves. Members of Charlie Paris were also present to capture this fascinating moment.

3. Nazaré, the surfer watch by our watch brand Charlie Paris

Inspired and admired by top surfers, we were delighted to collaborate with young French surfer Thomas Traversa to create a limited edition "Nazaré" of our famous diving watch Concordia. Extreme surfer Thomas Traversa and our Concordia adventure watch share many things in common: a love of risk, adventure and extreme sports.

Designed and assembled in France, waterproof to 300m the man watch Concordia is an invitation to go on an adventure at the end of the world. Robust and composed of a 316L steel case, the Concordia watch easily accompanied Thomas Traversa when he surfed in Nazaré. The limited edition Concordia Nazaré watch features a smoky blue dial with indexes and luminescent hands in blue Super-LumiNova in black and not green as on other Concordia models. On the automatic version, the bezel is aluminum in color and not blue as on the classic version of the Concordia. The finishes of this men's automatic watch are also different. On the back case of the watch is engraved the topographical plane of the depths of Nazaré. This engraving shows the underwater canyon, located just in front of the famous spot of Nazaré and which explains the formation of these mythical waves.

Check out our limited edition Concordia Nazaré automatic watch and our other men's watch models!

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Men's Surf Watch

Men's Surf Watch