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Article: Masterclass with adventurer Matthieu Tordeur

Masterclass with adventurer Matthieu Tordeur

Team Charlie Paris is delighted to have welcomed adventurer Matthieu Tordeur to its new premises for an interview. The last time we spoke with him was almost 2 years ago, upon his return from Antarctica, after a solo expedition which lasted 51 days. Since then, Matthieu has had other adventures, including climbing Mont Blanc and even releasing a film and writing a book recounting his experience at the South Pole. This interview was therefore an opportunity to get this news and to return with him to this experience and to all the other great adventures that he was able to experience across different continents.

We hope you enjoyed this interview and made you want to go on an adventure!

You can find the book “The White Continent” retracing Matthieu's expedition to Antarctica on his site, or in bookstores. And to follow his daily adventures, don't hesitate to follow him on Instagram and Facebook, where he is very present.

We thank Matthieu again for spending some time chatting with us and see you soon!

Matthew Tordeur

Matthew Tordeur

Matthew Tordeur

Matthew Tordeur

Matthew Tordeur

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