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Article: GR, the hiking watch

GR, the hiking watch

Perhaps you like to enjoy your weekend by taking beautiful walks in nature and for that you want to wear a watch different from the one you are used to wearing during the week? A watch more suited to your weekend activities like hiking for example? It is with this idea that we imagined our “GR” men’s watch . Indeed, GR means “Grande Randonnée” and it is a trademark registered by the Fédération Française de la Randonnée with whom we had the opportunity to form a partnership. Today, Team Charlie Paris presents its hiking watch in partnership with the FFR!

The hiking watch, by Charlie Paris

At Charlie Paris, we offer you a hiking watch: the GR. Designed and assembled in France, the GR is a waterproof watch with an interchangeable strap that stands the test of time and nature. It presents a design inspired by the past but with a resolutely modern sporty character. As a nod to the red and white markers that you find on the long-distance trails, we have engraved on the back of the watch the markings "change of direction to the right", "change of direction to the left", "good direction", "wrong direction". The GR watch has an ultra-resistant sapphire crystal and a 316L stainless steel watch case. This hiking watch has hands equipped with Super-Luminova which allows it to be readable even at night, practical if you are camping. In addition, our GR watch is a 10 ATM waterproof watch, so it will accompany you if you want to swim with it in a river along your long-distance hiking trail. Finally, our “Grande Randonnée” watch has an interchangeable strap system, so you can adopt a sporty style by choosing a nylon or steel strap. And if you want to wear your GR watch with a more formal outfit, you can choose one of our leather watch straps like our brown Mick bracelet.

Our watch brand in partnership with the French Hiking Federation

GR® means Grande Randonnée and is a trademark registered by the Fédération Française de la Randonnée Pédestre with whom we have established a partnership. So that you can travel peacefully, 8,500 passionate volunteer marker-collectors are active all year round, GPS, brush or pruning knife in hand. Creation, maintenance, marking... the FFRandonnée markers are the first ramparts of protection of a living and fragile network, rich in 180,000 km of trails!

The origins of the first GR :

The origins of the first GR begin with Jean Loiseau, a nature and hiking enthusiast since his first experiences with the scouts around 1910. To avoid living his passion alone, he founded a walking group, the "Compagnons voyageurs" with who he will explore the many hiking trails in France and Europe. The first paid leave law of June 20, 1936 offers workers 2 weeks of paid leave per year. The notions of leisure and pleasure are developing, the French thus have more time to hike. In 1946 with the help of the TourningClub de France, Jean Loiseau put in place a master plan to mark the paths and trails of the national territory. The National Committee for Long-distance Hiking Trails (CNSGR), called (FFR) since 1978, was born in 1947 and that same year the first marked trail was created. The first 28 kilometers of the GR 3 route between Orléans and Beaugency have just been signposted for the general public . Today, this sports federation has more than 250,000 members.

Choosing a hiking watch suited to your practice

If you are looking for a hiking watch, the important thing is to choose a sturdy, waterproof watch, with a bracelet that resists perspiration and that you like when you wear it on your wrist. Today, hiking enthusiasts can benefit from the latest technologies such as connected watches which offer many features (GPS, average speed, etc.). However, if you love outdoor activities and don't want to be connected to your watch but rather to nature, a watch like ours is perfect!

    GR watch

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