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Hiking watch

Whether you're hiking at a high level or enjoying a walk in the forest, watches are an important part of discovering yourself. But how to choose the right route? Today, the Charlie Paris team is showing you the way.

  1. Charlie Paris's hiking watch
  2. Our Monte brandR companyE Charlie Paris and FFR cooperation
  3. Different types of hiking
  4. What kind of hiking watch do you choose?

1. Charlie Paris's hiking watch

In Charles Paris, we offer you a hiking watch: Gr. French watch Men. Designed and assembled in France, GR is a Waterproof men's Watch This bracelet is replaceable and can stand the test of time and nature. Its design inspiration comes from the past, but it has strong modern sports characteristics. Its mechanical heart evokes nostalgia and invites us to slow down and enjoy the present.

In Charles Paris, we choose to use high quality materials to make watches. Los Angeles Men's Watch GR has an ultra-high strength sapphire glass and 316L stainless steel case. This men's watch has super luminova hands that can be read even at night. In addition, our GR watch is a 10 ATM waterproof watch, so it will accompany you from the top of the mountain to the bottom of the sea. GR company So absolutely Men's Sports Watch-Yes. In order to keep the GR watch case beautiful, we engraved the GR watch case on it.

GR has black, blue, sand, gray, white and blue, khaki or white dials. GR waterproof watch provides an interchangeable wristband system. Therefore, you can choose nylon or steel bracelet to choose sports style. If you want to wear a waterproof watch in an elegant way or wear more gorgeous clothes, you can choose one of our leather strap as our iconic Mick Brown strap. GR is part of our men's automatic watch series and also has a quartz movement. Explore our GR mountaineering watch and all our French watches, meticulously assembled near Besancon. Our GR 39mm diameter and 9mm thick men's watch is guaranteed for two years.

2. Our watch brand Charlie Paris cooperates with FFR

GR is a trademark of the Federation Fran à aise de la Rand é e pederstre, with which we have established a partnership, which started with our interest in developing a watch that is more "sporty" than other models. Our GR design is a perfect compromise between barometer and city people, which can be read in any case through the numbers on the dial and phosphorescent hands in the dark. The GR design invites us to travel and use our imagination as explorers.

Large hikes, days or weeks, and marked routes are known as "large hiking trails" (GR). In France, these trails are managed by the French hiking Federation. In France, the cumulative distance of GR is about 60000 km. If you have ever walked in the forest, you may have met red and white beacons 5cm thick and 10cm wide. You may not know, but you may have taken a long hiking route, because these markings indicate that you are on Gr road.

The origin of early gr:

The first GR originated from Jean Loiseau, who has been passionate about nature and hiking since he first served in the scouts around 1910. The first paid leave act of 20 June 1936 stipulates that workers have paid leave of two weeks a year. The concept of leisure and entertainment is developing, and the French have more time to hike. In 1946, with the help of the Turing club in France, Jean loiso developed a master plan to identify the roads and paths in the national territory.

Since 1978, cnsgr has been known as FFR, founded in 1947, and the first marked path was born in the same year. The first 28 kilometers of GR 3 from Orleans to beaugence have been marked by the public-Yes. Today, the Sports Federation has more than 250000 members.

3. different types of hiking

There are many ways to hike:

  • Day hiking is a few hours of hiking on a path that is usually marked.
  • Independent hiking, as it shows, is an independent hike.
  • Hiking is a few days hike, usually designed for experienced hikers, because it needs to travel through areas that are difficult to reach or require high physical requirements, such as deserts, mountains, etc.
  • Nordic walking is a short-distance hike, using specific walking poles, allowing for fast walking.
  • Fast hiking or "fast hike" is different from meditation hiking. It is characterized by higher walking speed and sometimes alternating with running pace.
  • Fast hiking with a light bag or "quick pack" is an extreme version of hiking, which emphasizes speed, weight and autonomy, as well as long-distance camping equipment.
  • Hiking is a very long hike that lasts more than six months.

There are other types of hiking, including cycling, skiing, roller skating, etc.

4. which kind of hiking watch should I choose?

If you're looking for a watch, it's important to choose a strong, waterproof watch that you like when you're wearing it on your wrist. Today, hikers can enjoy the latest technology on their routes through modern hiking watches. Mountaineering watches are very practical and can be used to help you with altimeters, barometers, compass, GPS, or other features. Mountaineering watches also determine the average speed, the number of calories burned, or the distance required to reach your destination.

If you like outdoor activities and hiking, rather than professional, a watch with a sporty look will be more suitable for you. Some hiking watches are made of modern design and can be used by climbers, backpackers and travelers Or all those who like outdoor activities. Climbing watch should be convenient first. So if you're hiking for fun, a three pin with a date is enough.

Men's hiking watch

 Men's climbing Watch

Men's hiking watch