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Recycle your old watches with our partner Ecotempo

Whether it is a men's watch or a women's watch, an automatic or quartz movement watch, you are probably wondering:ow can you give your watches a second life? QWhat to do with your watches and jewelry that you no longer wear? Don't worry, Charlie Paris has a solution for you.

  1. How to give a second life to your watches?
  2. But what is Eco tempo?
  3. Ecological action coupled with social action
  4. Eco tempo in a few figures


1. How can you give your watches a second life?

Since 2018, we have collaborated with Eco-tempo a watch and jewelry recycling channel to give our watches a second life because the commitmentwhether social or ecological is one of the strong values ​​of Charlie Paris.

Thanks to this collaboration we are participating in the circular economy, so that used watches do not contribute to accelerating pollution but on the contrary are valued so that they can be used differently.With our partnerEco tempo, we offer you a simple process for recycling your used watches. Whether they come from here or from another brand.

To recycle your watches, you can:

  • bring us your old models to our shop 53 rue Saint André des Arts, 75006 Paris
  • send them to us by post with this form filled

As a thank you, we can offer you 10% off our site for any returned watch and 20% off if it's a home watch.


2. But what is Eco tempo?

Eco tempo is the first treatment channel that allows companies and individuals to recycle their used watches and jewelry or simply those that are no longer needed and remain at the back of our cupboards. Eco tempo was created in 2010 with the desire to offer as many people as possible a sustainable and ecological solution for all these products which had until then no recycling solution suitable for this type of product. Eco tempo recycles and upgrades more than 80% of the watches and bracelets they receive in their workshop / factory.

The recycling implemented by Ecotempo breaks down into four stages:

  • Collection :We collect your used watches, whether from us or from another watch brand.
  • The dismantling :Eco Tempo, with the help of the AG2I * association, is dismantling watches, which offers a springboard into employment for people in social or professional difficulty.
  • Sorting:The various components of the watches such as the case, glass, leather or even the batteries are sorted and reinserted into another production circuit.
  • The recycling :Some components are reused in a specific range of second-hand products such as the Comptoir Solidaire

3. An ecological action coupled with a social action

By recycling your used watches, in addition to making a gesture for the planet, you become an actor in the support of people in social difficulty thanks to the collaboration with the programAct Sustainable. Since the products received by Eco tempo come from different models and brands, production cannot be automated and industrialized. Dismantling is therefore manual, and allows these people to be reintegrated socially and professionally.


4. Eco tempo in a few figures

  • Since 2010, Eco tempo has recycled more than 7 tonnes of collected watches and jewelry
  • 3,330 eco-citizens and a dozen professional watchmakers, keen to recycle their watches and jewelry, who have called on Eco Tempo.
  • 20 watches are dismantled per hour, this is the average pace of all the young workers of the IME La Convention d'Auch (Medico-Educational Institute) for Eco Tempo. 

Did you know ? For 1 ton of recycled watches:

  • 634 kg of metals are to be sorted
  • 67 kg of leather are treated as waste
  • 11700 batteries are recovered
  • 11700 movements remain to be dismantled