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Article: How to change the glass of your watch?

Comment changer le verre de sa montre ?-Charlie Paris

How to change the glass of your watch?

Watches are delicate objects and it is not uncommon, by clumsiness, to break the glass of the latter. Don't worry, changing the glass of a watch is a classic repair. In this article, we will guide you so that you know how to react if it happens to you one day.

  • Our recommendation for changing watch glass: We don't recommend changing the glass on your watch yourself, as this is a process that requires proper tools and expertise. Attempting to change the glass yourself could cause further damage to your watch and result in the loss of your warranty if your watch is less than two years old. We therefore recommend that you go directly to a watchmaker near you to change the glass in your watch. He will take the opportunity to make sure that the shock has not damaged other parts of the watch such as the movement or the dial.
  • If you have a Charlie watch, our repair shop will gladly replace the glass of your watch. You can send it to us by mail (find the procedure here), or drop it off at our store, 53 rue Saint André des Arts in Paris. The breakage of mineral glass is usually charged at 35€ by our workshop, but a more precise estimate will be sent to you, if your watch shows other damages. When you drop off your watch for repair, it takes between two and three weeks.


Sapphire glass, so you don't have to change the glass of your watch

Sapphire glass is a high-end glass that is much more resistant than a traditional mineral glass. It is virtually unbreakable and scratchproof. The sapphire glass is obtained from aluminum oxide crystallized at 2050°C, it has the same chemical properties as natural sapphire. Thanks to that sapphire glass is a very resistant component, it is the second hardest material after diamond (it is for example 7 times harder than tempered steel). Thus sapphire glass is a glass that is very difficult to break or scratch. Discover our collections of watches resistant to glass breakage, with sapphire glass: solar watches, our diving watches, or our collection of waterproof watches. Our women's automatic watches are also equipped with sapphire glass like all our men's automatic watches.

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