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Article: The watch crown: what is the purpose of this watch component?

La couronne de montre : à quoi sert cette pièce ?-Charlie Paris

The watch crown: what is the purpose of this watch component?

The crown of the watch, which is most often located at 3 o'clock, is called the "watch crown". The crown is one of the key elements in the construction of a watch: if it is used most of the time to change the hour and minute hands, it can also be used to change other parameters of the watch, such as the date. 
  • On automatic watches, turning the crown when pushed in is used to manually wind the movement of the watch. So on our women's automatic watches or on all of our men's automatic watches that have 40 hours of power reserve, you can manually wind the mechanism using the crown.
  • The crown of the watch is a point of entry into the mechanism and water can easily seep in. Therefore, it is especially important to make sure that the crown is pushed in or screwed down when your waterproof watch or diver's watch is in contact with water.  

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