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The evolution of the woman's watch

The watch industry has continued to evolve over time, and more recently, concerning the Women's watches.Historically bracelet watches, women's watches are constantly diversifying and complexing to satisfy a new female clientele.The Women's automatic watches interferes serenely in the women's watchmaking market alongside Quartz watches.Today, Team Charlie Paris is happy to present you the evolution of the woman's watch as well as his four collections highlighting the beauty of the woman.

  1. The beginnings of the women's watch
  2. Ascent of women's watchmaking
  3. Watches women in the spotlight at Charlie Paris

1. The beginnings of the women's watch

  • 19th century: Engineer, physicist and watchmaker, Abraham Breguet designs in 1812 the first wristwatch. Women consider the watch as a simple gem belonging to a set and an object mainly dedicated to man. The wife watch strictly speaking takes part in part of the quartz crisis of the 70s and the early 1980s to take a real springboard in the watch industry.
  • 20th and 21st century: At the end of the 1990s and in the early 2000s, the woman emancipates more, leaves the family home to work on her account. As a result, the purchasing power of female Gent increases strongly and offers a real opportunity for the deployment of women's watchmaking. A question remains: should women watches identify with Men's Watches Present on the watchmaking market or have to maintain a feminized, refined look, straight out of jewelery designers? A strategy that aims to both fuel a poorly served market and create a new request.

2. The rise of female watchmaking

The woman's watch took time to forge a real identity. Indeed, women watches were similar to small jewelery parts, or models of watches initially addressed to men.

Women did considerably their outfits. Whether during the day with colorful or evening dresses with very well cut dresses, the woman with incredible adornment composed of necklaces, bracelets, earrings but still of head jewelry. On the other hand, men had to settle for watches, certainly, with a very wide choice proposed. Masculine watchmaking has stopped progress by always offering more varied models: three needle watches, complication watches, sports watches or very city.

The rise in female purchasing power in the early 2000s contributed to the opening of the watches designed specifically for women. Male symbolic models, often too large, are replaced by feminized watches, with refined lines and a proportionate size, such as Charlie Paris's Sully collection that embodies elegance and refinement par excellence.

In the first ten years of the 21st century, the woman's watch is perfect, and above all, is significantly comprehensified. The woman is not satisfied with the simple aesthetic appearance of the watch but wants to be able to move towards technically interesting models. Women watches incorporate more and more complications, such as the date, the day, the chronograph, or the moon phase.

The quartz watch gently leaves a place at the automatic watch; The battery loses a fight in front of the mechanical gear. The technique also becomes apparent thanks to the dial skeleton, as you can observe it on the openwork initial 36 of Charlie Paris.

More creativity, more complexity, propose a perfect mix between aesthetics and technique, here is the challenge of the 21st century. The women watches reserve us soon very nice surprises ...

3. Women's watches in honor at Charlie Paris

At Charlie Paris, the woman's watch is honored with no less than four female collections within the Parisian brand. The watertight watches, in pink gold, steel, leather, milan mesh but also the blue or black watches are classified into two distinct categories: automatic watches and quartz watches. Women have a wide choice where all their desires can be satisfied.

Quartz watches

  • Sully Collection: A true concentrated elegance and femininity, the Sully watch imposes its finesse and dresses your wrist on a daily basis thanks to its interchangeable bracelets that adapt to your outfit as well as your mood. Declined in pink gold and steel, the Sully is a completely timeless model.
  • Solar Collection: The solar watch works thanks to the energy of the sun. Using its invisible solar panel placed under the dial, its autonomy is unlimited. The solar is a new classic, environmentally friendly, offering a variety of different styles thanks to its interchangeable bracelet.
  • COLLECTION AURORE: drawn and made in France, Aurore has been thought to accompany you throughout the year. With its five colors, its steel bracelet and its feminine lines, this waterproof French watch adapts to all situations of everyday life.

Waterproof woman watch

Automatic watches

  • Initial collection 36: The female star of the automatic. By this collection, Charlie Paris transmits his passion for mechanical watchmaking. Equipped with a Citizen Miyota automatic movement, a 36mm housing, an ultra-resistant sapphire glass and an interchangeable bracelet of 18mm, the initial 36 fully meets a constantly evolving female clientele. Declined in four models, the initial 36 focuses on technicality and proposes a new era for women's watches.

Ladies watch

It remains only to find those that fit you and make me in our shop located 53 rue Saint André des Arts, 75006 Paris or on our website. See you soon !