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Article: Presentation of our partner Humbert Droz Réparalux

Présentation de notre partenaire Humbert Droz Réparalux

Presentation of our partner Humbert Droz Réparalux

In this article, we invite you to discover one of the partners of Maison Charlie Paris: Humbert Droz Réparalux.

The Humbert Droz company is a real family story. Since 1956, four generations of enthusiasts have succeeded one another and contributed to the development of the company. The story begins in the French capital of watchmaking, Besançon, where the company was created by Marcel Humbert-Droz, a watchmaking enthusiast who would leave his place 12 years later to his son: Jean Humbert-Droz, recently graduated from the Besançon watchmaking school. The know-how is then perpetuated by his son himself, Frédéric Humbert-Droz from 1995. The grandson of the founder takes over the company with passion and will be at the head of an important project for the company: installation of premises in the Alpia Park in Besançon, in 2004. More recently, it was Julien Humbert-Droz, great-grandson of Marcel Humbert-Droz the founder, who took the helm of the Réparalux workshop and who directs the teams. He is a graduate of Métiers d'Art and guides the watch repairers who work in the different sectors of the company.

Humbert-Droz specializes in the assembly of new products, the assembly and assembly of jewelry, the assembly of microtechnology products, after-sales service for major watch brands and finally logistics. This wonderful family business owes its know-how and experience acquired and recognized by the most prestigious watch brands but also by a clientele from the greatest watchmakers, jewelers and jewelers.

Charlie Paris x Humbert-Droz Réparalux : we are using the services of the Humbert Droz company as part of the assembly of the G100 movement, present in our future Alliance models, whose release is scheduled for next April. Indeed Humbert-Droz was able to gain the trust of La Joux-Perret for the assembly of their movements, which is why the latter is described as a Franco-Swiss movement. As part of this partnership, we had the chance to visit Julien Humbert-Droz and his teams last November. On this occasion we produced a video retracing all the stages of assembling the G100 movement, which you can find right here.


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