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Article: Presentation of our Bisontin partner Roland Bailly

Présentation de notre partenaire bisontin Roland Bailly

Presentation of our Bisontin partner Roland Bailly

In this article, we invite you to discover one of our Bisontin partners: Roland Bailly.

Roland Bailly SAS is a company founded in Beure, in the Burgundy Franche-Comté region in 1964. For 50 years, it has specialized in the production of precision tools but also in the machining and creation of prototypes. Over the years, different departments have emerged within the company and have allowed a diversification of their know-how, which today allows Roland Bailly to carry out numerous operations in different sectors, notably that of watchmaking. In 1973, the company set up in Besançon, the cradle of French watchmaking, and began producing the first plastic injection molds for the watchmaking industry. 

In 2001 a plastic injection workshop was created within the Roland Bailly company and it was from this moment that the activity in the field of high-end watchmaking could begin to develop.

Charlie Paris x Roland Bailly

Today we have the opportunity to work with this industrial partner in the manufacturing of our G100 movements, present in our future Alliance models. More precisely, Roland Bailly takes care of the cutting as well as the openwork of our mass. To do this, the teams use a sinking electroerosion technique. The mass being made of solid tungsten, a very hard and heavy metal, but also very resistant to corrosion, it is necessary to use this technique which allows the material to be sprayed extremely precisely. With this process, the openwork of each of our masses takes around forty minutes. 

This is a process that you can see in images on our YouTube channel. We had the chance to visit Thierry Bailly and his teams, and it was the opportunity for us to produce a video retracing the stages of the openwork of our mass. We are proud to be able to collaborate with French companies like this and thus highlight their know-how.

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