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Article: Can I wear my mechanical watch for sports?

puis-je porter ma montre mécanique pour faire du sport ?

Can I wear my mechanical watch for sports?

The mechanical watch with manual or automatic winding is a beautiful object and you don't want to part with it when you do sports? We understand you but it is important to train without damaging your watch. So, is it possible to wear a beautiful mechanical watch for sports? Actually, it all depends on the watch and the type of sport you practice. Hard knocks can cause serious damage to the mechanics of your watch and undermine its precision. That's why we suggest you discover in this article the different elements to respect and take into consideration before doing sports with a mechanical watch. The Charlie Paris Team will enlighten you on the subject by proposing you a selection of our automatic watches adapted for a sporting practice.

Mechanical watch and sport

First of all, it is important to remember that mechanical watches remain jewels and that is why they must be taken care of, especially if you want to do sports with them. Unlike a quartz watch, a mechanical watch works thanks to a movement that consists of many parts and gears. It is this type of movement that makes the mechanical watch more fragile, but some mechanical watches are more or less able to withstand sporting effort.

First of all, the materials that make up your mechanical watch will give you information about the resistance of your watch during a sporting activity. Your watch must be able to withstand shocks and the watch glass must be unbreakable. Thus, a mechanical watch with a sapphire crystal will be more suitable because this type of crystal is known to be very resistant. Indeed, the problem with a mechanical watch concerns its movement which can be easily damaged by fast movements and impacts. Furthermore, if the crown is accidentally touched, the watch may become fragile, for example the seals may not be able to perform their function. Thus, whether you wear a mechanical watch for sports depends strongly on how you train. 

It is also important to avoid scratches, a steel case is preferred. The 316L steel is an alloy known for its durability and also its great resistance to corrosion. From an aesthetic point of view, 316L steel is a stainless steel whose brilliance lasts over time and does not tarnish. The automatic watch must also be resistant to humidity and in particular to perspiration. For this, you need a strap suitable for sports. Nylon straps seem to be the best option. On the other hand, there are so-called sports watches because they have a sporty design but they are not actually suitable for sports because they do not use resistant materials.  

Our selection of automatic watches Charlie Paris for sports

At Charlie Paris, we create automatic watches for men and women. If you are looking for a men's automatic sports watch, the question arises as to which one is best suited. The Charlie Paris team has put together a small selection of automatic watches that you can wear for sports. 

  • Our men's diving watch, the Concordia automatic

Designed and assembled in France, this men's watch is equipped with a Swiss automatic movement and is water resistant to 300m. We chose to use quality materials for this diving watch such as an ultra-resistant sapphire crystal, stainless steel 316L, Super-LumiNova indexes and hands and a high-end automatic movement. The automatic Concordia has a unidirectional crown that allows you to accurately calculate a time, which can be very useful when you are doing sports. Discover our Concordia diving watch available in black, blue and snow white.

  • The Aurore, the sports watch for women 

Looking for a women's sports watch? The Aurore is our women's watch with quartz or automatic movement adapted for sports. Waterproof to 100 meters and with a 316L steel strap, this women's watch will accompany you all year long, during your sports sessions as well as in your active life. Its steel strapand feminine lines adapt to all daily situations. From an aesthetic point of view, you can choose from various dial colors!

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