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Can I wear my mechanical watch to play sports?

The mechanical watch with manual or automatic winding is a beautiful object and you do not want to separate when you play sports? We understand you but it is important to train without damaging its watch. So, is it possible to wear a beautiful mechanical watch to play sports? In reality, everything depends on the watch and type of sport that you practice. Violent blows can cause significant damage to the mechanics of your watch and shake its accuracy. That's why we suggest you discover in this article the different elements to be respected and consider before playing sports with a mechanical watch. Team Charlie Paris enlightens you on the subject by also offering a selection of our Automatic watches Suitable for sports practice.

  1. What you need to know before training with a mechanical watch at the gym
  2. Our selection of Charlie Paris automatic watches to play sports

1. What to know before training with a mechanical watch at the gym

First of all, it is important to remember that the mechanical watches remain jewelry and that's why you have to take care of it, especially if you want to play sports with. Unlike a quartz watch, a mechanical watch works thanks to a movement that consists of many parts and workings. It is this type of movement that makes the mechanical watch more fragile, but some mechanical watches are more or less capable of resisting sports effort.

First of all, the materials that make up your mechanical watch will give you information about the resistance of your watch during a sporting activity. Your watch must be able to withstand shocks and glass of the watch must be unbreakable. Thus, a mechanical watch composed of a sapphire glass will be more suitable because this type of glass is known for its very high resistance. However, even though this type of glass is very striped resistant, it can explode in a thousand pieces if it is violently touched. In general, if the mechanical watch receives a big shot, for example by camping unfortunately against a dumbbell or receiving a balloon, the watch may be strongly damaged. Indeed, the problem with a mechanical watch is about its movement that can be easily damaged by fast movements and impacts. On the other hand, if the crown is accident affected it may weaken the watch, for example the seals could no longer assume their mission. So, wearing a mechanical watch to play sports strongly depends on how you train. If you are practicing primarily endurance sports, you will probably be better able to keep your watch than if you have to lift heavyweights, play tennis or golf. We advise you to be careful when you wear your watch to play sports. Some types of sports will be more or less adapted to an automatic watch. For example, sports during which the watch is subject to strong jolts as well as centrifugal forces, such as tennis or golf, represent a major challenge for movement.

Stripes should also be avoided, a steel case is preferred. Steel 316L is an alloy recognized for its durability and also its high resistance to corrosion. From an aesthetic point of view 316L steel is a stainless steel whose brightness continues in time and does not tarnish. The automatic watch must also be resistant to moisture and in particular withstand perspiration. For this, it takes a bracelet adapted to a sport practice. Nylon bracelets appear to be the best option. On the other hand, there are so-called sporty watches because they have a sports design but they are not actually adapted to play sports because they do not use resistant materials.

Whatever the sport you practice, remember that the automatic watches are delicate jewelry that must be handled with care. They must be avoided too much vibration and possible shocks. However, apart from the risks, a watch can also be very convenient for sport.

2. Our selection of Automatic Watches Charlie Paris to play sports

At Charlie Paris, we create models of automatic watches for men and women. If you are looking for a watch to play the question asks which is best suited. Team Charlie Paris has collected for you a small selection of automatic watches that you can wear to play sports.

Our diving man watch, the automatic concordia

Drawn and assembled in France, this men watch is equipped with a Swiss automatic movement and is waterproof at 300m. We have chosen to use quality materials for this diving watch as an ultra-resistant sapphire crystal, 316L stainless steel, indexes and needles in Super-Luminova and a high-end automatic movement. The automatic concordia is equipped with a unidirectional crown that allows accurately calculating a duration, which can be very useful when you play sports. Discover our Concordia dive watch available in black, blue and white snow effect.

Diving man watch

Aurore, the sports watch for women

Looking for a sports woman watch? Dawn is our Ladies watchWith quartz movement adapted for sports practice. Waterproof 100 meters and composed of a 316L steel bracelet, this woman watch will accompany you throughout the year, during your sports sessions as in your active woman's life. Its steel bracelet and female lines adapt to all situations of everyday life. From an aesthetic point of view, you have the choice among various colors of dials: blue, emerald, sky blue or sand.

Waterproof woman watch

Automatic Gr, a waterproof sports watch

The acronym GR means "great hiking" is corresponds to our Men's sports watch. This automatic watch comes from a partnership that we have knotted with the French Federation of Hiking. This automatic man watch is 100 meters sealed, has a sapphire glass and a 316L steel case. The automatic GR is equipped with the 9015 motion of the Japanese Manufacture Citizen Miyota, the highest range of this manufacture that is both precise, reliable and robust. So you can play sports with this man watch that exists with a white dial, smoked blue or white and blue.

sportsman watch

We let you discover our Automatic watches for women and men. Know that to play sports, you can also opt for one of our quartz watches as our chronograph watch, Gr Quartz or Concordia Quartz. In addition, our chronograph watch will allow you to timer, which is very practical in the majority of sports activities.

Discover in this video the presentation of our automatic watch Concordia by the adventurer Matthieu Tordeur who has crossed the Antarctica equipped with this watch: