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Article: Modern watch and vintage watch: how to choose?

Montre moderne et montre vintage : comment faire son choix ?

Modern watch and vintage watch: how to choose?

In recent years, vintage watches are becoming more and more popular, but the modern watch is still very popular. So what should you choose between a vintage watch and a modern watch? At a time when these two styles of watches seem to clash, at Charlie Paris we wanted to bring them together to create watch models that are both contemporary and authentic.  France has always been a great watchmaking country, thanks to its history which made it the true cradle of European watchmaking. We therefore wish to maintain this formidable heritage by combining both traditional and modern times. In this article, we let you discover our men's watches and our trendy women's watches that are both contemporary and authentic.

The vintage watch at the heart of watchmaking    

The date of manufacture determines whether a watch can be considered a vintage watch or not. The origin of the word vintage comes from "twenty years" and therefore anything older than 20 years can, by definition, be considered vintage. In watchmaking, this phenomenon appeared for the first time twenty-five years ago with the reproduction of watches, almost identically, of very old models used in particular by the army and the sea.  

The Internet and watch auctions have contributed to the development of this neo-vintage watch wave. Vintage watches mix past and present in a single jewel. Vintage watchmaking is not in crisis and this is attracting the interest of large manufacturers, traditionally focused on the new market. Many manufactures are reissuing some of their old watches and other manufactures are offering new vintage watches. At Charlie Paris, we participate in this movement with a small selection of models that nevertheless retain a significant amount of modernity.  

  •  The solar watch, an unlimited autonomy  

The solar watch is a mixed and modern watch through its operation. This solar watch works thanks to the energy of the sun and its invisible solar panel placed under the dial, offers an unlimited autonomy. The solar watch exists with a rose gold or steel case and a blue, white or champagne dial.

  • The Sully watch, elegance and refinement  
A true concentrate of elegance and femininity, the Sully watch imposes its finesse and dresses your wrist on a daily basis thanks to its interchangeable straps that adapt to your outfit as well as your mood. This small vintage women's watch, with its harmonious and refined shapes, has a very discreet bezel, an open dial and pretty leaf-shaped hour and minute hands. The second hand brings a touch of modernity to the whole. With its dimensions, 30mm in diameter and 6.5mm thick, the Sully is a small watch that fits perfectly with a vintage style. Its case comes in rose gold or silver and its straps are available in leather or Milanese mesh. With the rose gold watch, you will perfectly match a gold Milanese mesh and with the steel watch version you will match a beautiful steel mesh. 

  • GR, "Grande Randonnée" watch  

Designed and assembled in France, the GR - Grande Randonnée - is a waterproof men's 10ATM watch that stands the test of time and nature. Available with a quartz or mechanical automatic movement, it presents a design inspired by the past but with a resolutely modern sporty character. A sporty, modern and vintage watch, the GR is a successful mix of different worlds and sources of inspiration.  

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