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modern and vintage watch shows: how to choose?

In recent years, vintage watches like more but modern show is still very popular. While he must choose between a vintage watch and a modern watch? At the time these two styles of watchesseem to face, at Charlie Paris wished we bring them together to create models of watches have both contemporary and authentic.France has always been a great watchmaker country, it owes its history that has made her the true cradle of European Watchmaking. We therefore wish to maintain this great heritage by combining both the time of tradition and modernity. We let you discover in this article, our men's watches and women watches trends in both contemporary and authentic.

  1. Watchmaking in the heart of a vintage trend
  2. Modern and vintage shows Charlie Paris

1. watches the heart of a vintage trend

The manufacturing date determines whether a watch can be considered a vintage watch or not. The origin of the word vintage comes from "twenty years" and therefore all that is over 20 years can by definition be considered vintage. In watchmaking, this phenomenon appeared for the first time there are twenty-five years with the replica watches, almost identical, very old models used in particular by the armies of earth and sea.

Internet and watch auctions contributed to the development of this new vintage watch wave. Vintage watches combine past and present in a single jewel. Watchmaking Vintage knows no crisis and it stirs the interest of large manufactories, traditionally focused on the new home market. Many factories reissued some of their older models of watches and other manufacturers offer new deals of vintage watches. Chez Charlie Paris, we participate in this movement with a small selection model that retains a significant share of modernity.

2. Modern and vintage watch Charlie Paris

 Solar watch unlimited autonomy

The solar watch is a mixed and modern shows through its operation. This watch works with solar energy from the sun and invisible solar panel under the dial, it offers unlimited autonomy. The solar watch is gold with a pink colored casing or steel and blue dial, white or champagne.

The watch Sully, elegance and refinement

A concentrate of elegance and femininity, shows Sully requires finesse and adorn your wrist every day thanks to its interchangeable straps that fit both your outfit and your mood. This model shows the harmonious forms and refined has a very discreet bezel, an open dial and pretty hour and minute hands in sheet form. The second hand brings a modern touch to the whole. Given its size, 30mm in diameter and 6.5mm thick, Sully is a small watch that fits perfectly with vintage style. Its case is in rose gold or silver bracelets are available in leather or mesh Milanese. With the gold watchYou will grant a Milanese mesh perfectly golden and with version shows woman moneyYou combine this magnificent steel mesh.


GR shows "Great Excursion" 

Designed and assembled in France, the GR - Great Excursion - is a Waterproof man 10ATM the test of time and nature. Available with a quartz movement or automatic mechanical, it has a design inspired by the past but with a modern sporty character. sports Watch, modern and vintage, the GR is a successful mix of different universes and various sources of inspiration.