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Article: Afraid to wear your watch on a bike or motorcycle? Here's what you need to know

Peur de porter votre montre à vélo ou à moto ? Ce qu'il faut savoir

Afraid to wear your watch on a bike or motorcycle? Here's what you need to know

Wearing a watch while riding a bicycle or motorcycle can have certain consequences on the overall functioning of a watch. This is still possible if you respect certain conditions that you must know and take into account. You have just bought or you wish to buy a watch and you are worried about its fragility in the face of your daily bike or motorcycle trips? Don't panic, Team Charlie Paris reveals to you in this article all you need to know about this subject.  

Wearing an automatic watch on a motorcycle or bicycle 

An automatic watch consists of a multitude of parts that are vulnerable to strong vibrations. The vibrations of a motorcycle engine or the bad condition of a road can damage the movement of the watch. However, this phenomenon is rather rare and generally does not lead to serious malfunctions. Using a bicycle is much less risky because the watch is only exposed to road conditions. It is nevertheless possible to control the impact of your trips on your watch by monitoring the case of a possible drift. As a general rule, we recommend that you have your automatic watch serviced every 7 years to ensure that it is functioning properly. However, if you ride a two-wheeler for your daily commute, we recommend that you drop your watch off for a service every 5 years or so. 

Wearing a quartz watch on a motorcycle or bicycle 

Using a two-wheeler with a men's quartz watch will be less traumatic for your watch. Indeed, the mechanism of a quartz watch is composed of fewer screwed and moving parts than an automatic watch mechanism. As a result, the mechanism is simpler and less sensitive to the vibrations of your motorcycle or to road conditions in general. Although a battery operated watch is less vulnerable to this type of movement, the automatic watch is still the favorite of most watch collectors. If you are concerned about this, rest assured, it is still possible to wear a nice automatic watch on your wrist while traveling if it meets a few conditions.  

What type of watch should I choose?  

To ensure serenity during your trips, you can choose to wear a robust automatic watch, such as a diving watch. Indeed, a water-resistant watch, resistant to 30 ATM with a case and a thick sapphire glass, will be more robust than a city watch and will absorb shocks more easily. In addition, it is important to choose a watch that will fit perfectly with your motorcycle equipment. Your watch should not be too bulky so that it can easily fit under your hard coat or gloves. The watch strap is also important in your final choice because it must be comfortable while remaining resistant to the elements.

At Charlie Paris, we offer the Concordia quartz or Concordia automatic model which is completely adapted for your motorcycle or bicycle trips. Designed and assembled in France, water resistant to 300m thanks to its crown and screwed case back, the Concordia blue or black dial presents a sporty and attractive aesthetic. The watch's indexes and hands are equipped with Super-Luminova® for optimal readability in the dark. For the automatic version, it is STP - Swiss Technology Production - with its STP1-11 movement that has won our trust to equip the watch. And for the quartz version, it is the "Sweep Second" VH31 movement from Seiko which has the particularity of having a second hand that makes 4 beats per second. The case of the watch is made of 316L steel with polished, matte and brushed finishes.

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