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Stack on a watch: What are their differences?

Pile on a watch: What are their differences?-Charlie Paris

Which battery to choose for my watch?

If you own a show quartz, you had to change the battery every 2 years or so. The battery present in your watch is necessarily a button battery, which, by its shape, fits perfectly into a quartz watch.

There are 3 types of batteries that you can find on your watch: silver oxide batteries, alkaline batteries and lithium batteries.

Silver oxide batteries are recognizable because the letter S is engraved on the stack. This type of stack provides a voltage of 1.55 Volt.

Alkaline batteries are the batteries that will most resemble silver oxide batteries. They are annotated by the letter L and deliver a voltage of 1.5V

Lithium batteries give a tension of 3V and are numbered by the letter C. These last are often used for watches with more complications or else watches chronographs which generally ask for more energy.

Finally, there are different stack sizes: their diameter is between 5 mm and 20 mm and the thickness is between 1 and 6 mm.

If swapping a silver oxide battery and an alkaline battery on your watch does not pose a major danger to the watch, it should be noted that "lithium batteries should not be placed on a watch that is not designed to house this type of battery. This could permanently damage your watch.

How long does a button battery last?

It is hard to answer this question because battery life will depend on the use you have of your watch, the type of battery it consists of and also the complications present on your watch.

In general it is necessary to rcheck the stack of your watch every 2 years, if you wear it daily.


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stack on a watch


which battery to choose for my watch

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