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Stack on a watch: What are their differences?

Quartz watches, also called battery-powered watches, are watches that require the battery to be changed approximately every two years. There are different types of watch, but which type of battery should you choose? In this article, we'll help you choose the right battery type for your watch.

  1. Which battery should I choose for my watch?
  2. How long does a pimple wax last?


1. Which battery should I choose for my watch?

If you have a quartz watch, you have had to change the battery in the latter every 2 years or so. The battery in your watch is necessarily a button cell, which, by virtue of its shape, fits perfectly into a quartz watch.

There are 3 types of battery that you can find on your watch: silver oxide batteries, alkaline batteries and lithium batteries.

  • Silver oxide batteries are recognizable because the letter S is engraved on the battery. This type of battery provides a voltage of 1.55 Volt.
  • Alkaline batteries are the batteries that will most closely resemble silver oxide batteries. They are annotated by the letter L and deliver a voltage of 1.5V
  • Lithium batteries provide a voltage of 3V and are numbered with the letter C. These are often used for watches with more complications or chronograph watches which generally require more energy.

Finally, there are different sizes of batteries: their diameter is between 5mm and 20mm and the thickness is between 1 and 6mm.

If swapping a silver oxide battery and an alkaline battery on your watch does not present a major danger for the latter, it should be noted that you should absolutely not put lithium batteries on a watch that is not designed. to house this type of battery. This could permanently damage your watch.


2. How long does a button cell battery last?

It is hard to answer this question because the battery life will depend on how you use your watch, the type of battery it is made of and also the complications present on your watch.

In general, you need to renew the battery in your watch every 2 years, if you wear it daily.


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which battery to choose for my watch