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All about watches with Quartz movement

Mechanical watch or quartz watch? It is impossible to be interested in the history of watchmaking and watches without highlighting the role of quartz and its movements. Quartz watches are the most common in the watch market, but qhat is a quartz watch and what are its specificities? Do not worry, through this article Team Charlie will enlighten you on quartz movements.

  1. The origin of Quartz movements
  2. How a quartz movement works
  3. How do I set the time and date on a quartz watch?
  4. What are the advantages of a Quartz watch?
  5. What are the disadvantages of Quartz watches?
  6. The Quartz watch, by Charlie Paris


1. The origin of Quartz movements

When was the quartz watch invented?

In the 19th century, innovations in electricity and quartz advanced the watchmaking sector. It all began in 1880, when the two French physicists, Pierre and Jacques Curie, decided to take an interest in quartz and discovered an interesting peculiarity of the mineral. This is its piezoelectric effect. This effect implies that under a certain pressure, quartz can generate electricity. Despite this discovery, it was not until 1927 that this feature was exploited. The Americans Warren Morrison and J.W Horton made the first quartz clock, but it was very massive.

It was not until the 1960s that the Swiss watch industry launched the first prototypes of quartz watches, but it was the Japanese company Seiko which sold the first quartz watch. However, the quartz watch experienced a real craze in the 1970s. The Quartz movement watch is today the most marketed type of watch in the world, despite a strong craze around the automatic watch.

Movement is the mechanism that allows a watch to work. At Charlie Paris, we source most of our products from Citizen, a Japanese manufacturer. quartz movement watches for menand women. The big Swiss watchmaking houses generally have their own manufacture, which is why their prices are very high.


2. How a quartz movement works

How does a quartz watch work? As the name suggests a Quartz movement watch is a watch that requires the use of Quartz crystal. Quartz is a mineral that has piezoelectric properties. Thepiezoelectricityis the ability of a material to electrically polarize under the action of a mechanical force. Conversely, this material has the ability to vibrate and oscillate under the action of an electric voltage. This is called the reverse effect of piezoelectricity. The phenomenon of piezoelectricity was discovered by the brothers Pierre and Jacques Curie in 1880.

This vibration of quartz is not random, it is exactly 32,768 vibrations in one second. All the quartz lamellae present in a Quartz movement vibrate at this frequency. A counter calculates the number of vibrations emitted by the quartz slide, once this number reaches 32,768 it triggers the advance of the second hand by one second and the time display mechanism in general. .

The regularity of these vibrations is what allows watches equipped with Quartz movement to be extremely precise. We consider that a Quartz movement watch shifts less than one second per month.


3. How do I set the time and date on a Quartz watch?

How to set the time on a quartz watch? Follow the next steps:

  • Pull the crown out to position 1,
  • Then turn it upwards to adjust the desired time,
  • Finally, push the crown back against the case.


How to set the date of quartz watches? Follow the steps below:

  • Pull the crown out to position 1,
  • Rotate the crown down to change the date. Carry out this manipulation until the date you want,
  • Pull the crown out to position 2,
  • Turn the crown upwards to adjust the time,
  • Push the crown back against the case.

Tip from Team Charlie: When the hands go through 12 o'clock, if the date changes it is midnight and if it does not change it is noon.


4. What are the advantages of a Quartz watch?

Now that you know more about the origins and the functioning of a quartz watch, here is a small recap of the many advantages of a quartz watch:

- The precision : Unbeatable! Quartz watches have an accuracy of a few seconds a month, which is why this created a "tidal wave" when they first appeared. These watches are powered by a battery and thus have a very precise and reliable mechanism.

- Resistance : Quartz movements are less fragile than mechanical movements which are made up of many more parts. Quartz is more resistant to shocks and vibrations. Unlike mechanical movements, a quartz movement does not require any special maintenance, apart from changing the battery (approximately every two years).

- The price : Quartz watches are less expensive than mechanical watches. Indeed, quartz watches are offered at low cost because they have very few parts. If you are looking for a cheap watch, then you can turn to a quartz watch.

- The thickness: Quartz movements have the advantage of being thinner than the majority of mechanical watches. If you are looking for a slim watch and you don't have 10,000 euros to shell out, the quartz watch has a definite advantage.


4. What are the disadvantages of Quartz watches?

Although quartz watches have many advantages and are the most common on the market, these timepieces still have certain drawbacks.

The main disadvantages of a quartz watch are related to its battery and its lifespan:

  • The battery in a quartz watch typically has a lifespan of about two years. Function of use and energy consumption of movement. You will therefore have to go to your watchmaker more regularly than for a mechanical watch whose revision is recommended every 5 years.
  • Its durability is less than for a mechanical watch. You can always repair a mechanical watch while this is not necessarily the case with an electronic quartz movement. You could compare quartz watches to today's cars and mechanical watches to old vintage cars that you can always get repaired.

Moreover, quartz watches are not always of great interest to watch enthusiasts because they are not very interesting in terms of technicality and know-how. Enthusiasts and those who appreciate the complexity of a watch movement are turning more to an automatic watch. Either way, quartz watches are still a good option for anyone looking to afford a nice, affordable watch.


5. The Quartz watch, by Charlie Paris

At Charlie Paris we offer you quartz watches for women and quartz watches for men. They are city watches, with a clean and elegant design or sports watches.

Discover our urban quartz watches:

  • Urban quartz watch for men: La Bastille is our watch for men with a sober and timeless design. Its rounded dial and well-cut beveled lugs give it a sleek design. The Bastille plays on the contrasts of textures and shapes, there is polished steel on the bezel and the back, but brushed on the lugs and the edge. This steel watch with an interchangeable strap allows you to alternate the materials and colors of your watch strap according to your wishes. Will you be more tempted by a brown leather strap that patina over time, grained leather, ostrich leather or even a Milanese mesh bracelet.
  • City quartz watch for women: A true concentrate of elegance and femininity, the Sully is our city watch for women. This small quartz watch adorns women's wrists with finesse. With its 30mm diameter case, the Sully is a slim watch that has a champagne-colored dial and exists in a rose gold and silver version. This city watch for women adapts to your outfit as well as your mood thanks to these interchangeable straps. The Sully can take different styles, the Milanese mesh bracelet gives it a vintage, retro feel, and a more classic style if you choose a leather strap.

Quartz sports watches for men and women by Charlie Paris:

  • Quartz sports watches for men: The GR waterproof watch and the Concordia diving watch are two sports watches. The GR is our Grande Randonnée men's watch that withstands the test of time and nature. It has a design inspired by the past but with a resolutely modern sporty character. The GR exists with a black, blue, khaki green, sand or gray dial with our limited edition GR Urbex. More than a sports watch, the Concordia is a watch built for adventure. With its water resistance to 300m, the Concordia is an invitation to go on an adventure at the end of the world.
  • Quartz sports watch for women: The Aurora waterproof watch is our sports watch for women. The Aurore with its 316L steel bracelet has the advantage of adapting to all everyday situations. Both sporty and elegant with its feminine lines, the Aurore accompanies you all year round.
Just like our automatic watches, our quartz watches are french watches. Thanks to our flash pump system present on all our watches, all of our watch straps are interchangeable. You can choose a nylon strap for playing sports, a Milanese mesh strap for a decidedly vintage look or a leather watch strap for a more chic look. Calf, buffalo, ostrich, lizard ... Brown, black, blue, green, burgundy, terracotta, ecru ... We offer a wide variety of colors, shapes and textures. Impossible not to find a bracelet on his wrist!

Let yourself be tempted and discover without further delay our watches for men and women with these famous quartz movements.

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