Which watch color to choose?

Which watch color to choose?-Charlie Paris

What color to choose for your watch? The color of a watch can be chosen at different levels, the color can change at the level of the dial (the place where you can read the time) but also at the level of the case and the bracelet. The case can be steel in color, and here again the finishes can differ between brushed steel or polished steel, gold, rose gold or even black.

  1. What color to choose for a men's watch?
  2. What color to choose for a women's watch?


1 - What color to choose for a men's watch?

For men's watches the most common dial colors are White, Blue or Black. It's difficult to advise you on the choice of a dial color, but we will retain that a white dial is generally more classic and has the advantage of being able to be mixed with all types of bracelets. Dark dials will have a more modern and contemporary feel, however not all bracelets will match perfectly with this type of dial.  Most watches have a steel-colored case although some brands offer black cases like our limited edition. the Concordia Kraken or even Bronze or Gold colored cases. The steel case is the most common and also the most suitable everywhere. It will adapt to any occasion. The completely black cases totally change the spirit of a watch, giving it a sporty, resolutely modern touch. As for the watch cases in Gold or Bronze, these allow you to have an original and more showy watch!

At Charlie Paris, our mission is to offer you watches that are both sober and remarkable, with excellent value for money and aresponsible manufacturing. Our watches are"Made in France" because they are drawn, designed and assembled in France with high quality components.


2 - What color to choose for a woman's watch?

For ladies' watches the classic dial colors are white, champagne or even black. There are also watches with colored dials such as blue, or even green as on our model. Aurore or Sully. The white or even champagne dials will be "go anywhere" and will adapt to your wardrobe. The colored dials or even the black dials will be more original, you will have less chance of finding this watch on another person's wrist! The cases are generally present in 3 colors: Silver, Gold and Rose Gold. Choose the metal that goes best with your skin tone or the one you are used to wearing.

At Charlie Paris, we offer automatic watches and quartz watches for women and men with different waterproofness levels.

Which watch color to choose

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