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What watch to choose, How to make the right choice?

Which watch to choose, How do I make the right choice? -Charlie Paris

Choosing a watch can prove to be a real headache! We will help you make your choice in 4 steps.

I - The choice of watch movement

II - The choice of the size of the watch boot

III - The choice of the colour of the watch

IV - The choice of the watch bracelet

I What type of watch chooses: Quartz, Automatic or... Solar?

Before choosing your watch it is necessary to determine which type of watch you want to acquire. You'll have to choose the type of movement that will equip your watch.

Motion is the heart of the watch. It is the mechanism that allows a watch to work. At homeCharlie Paris, we provide ourselves with Citizen, a Japanese manufacture forall our watches.

There is two major movement categories: automatic-moving watches and Quartz-moving watches. At Charlie Paris we are working to offer you a third alternative, the solar movement.

⇢ Movements in Quartzare simple mechanisms that work with a stack. These movements have the advantage of being the most accurate. We use movements in Quartz for the watches from our woman collection(Aurore, Sully, Monceau) and for our watches Man (Bastille, Horizon, Concordia and GR). Learn more about the Quartz movements, click here.

⇢ Automatic mechanical movements, use wheels and springs to operate through kinetic energy. That is, the energy that a body possesses as a result of its movement.automatic watchis more complex to manufacture and design. It is the chouchou of watch lovers and collectors. To learn more about the automatic movements click here.

⇢ Solar movements:As its name indicates, solar movements are movements that work through the energy of the sun. The solar watches, since stack watches are watches that use a fine gold quartz lamella in the case of a solar watch, the impulse given to this quartz lamella comes not from the stack but from the energy from solar radiation. Choose solar watch It’s a sustainable and ecological watch! You want to learn more about the operation of a solar watch click here, Team Charlie Paris lights you up!

What watch to chooseII What watch size should you choose?

To choose a watch, you must also be interested in the size of the watch:

  • For a wrist of 15cm or less, we recommend a watch with a box diameter of up to 32mm. The watchSullyorCurtainwould be perfect for you!
  • For a wrist turn of 15 to 17 cm a merchandise between 28 mm and 36 mm will go you like a glove. Our watchesInitial 36orAurorawill fit your wrist perfectly.
  • For a wrist tower between 16 and 18cm, prefer watch lamps with a diameter of between 36 and 44 mm. All of usmen's watchesare understood in this interval!
  • If your wrist turn is greater than 19 cm you can opt for more imposing lamps ranging from 42mm to 50mm


Any other elements to be considered at the size level

Diameter is an important component to consider when purchasing a watch, but it is also necessary to take into account the size and length of the horns, these small attachments on which the watch bracelets are fixed. Our advice is that the horns should not be out of your wrist. An overload impression could then be created.

Also take into account the thickness of the watch. With equal watch diameter, a thick watch will appear much more imposing than a very fine watch.

What watch size to choose

III What color to choose for my watch?

Now you have an idea of the type of movement you want for your next watch as well as its size, you now have to choose the color of the dial of your watch.

For men's watches The most widespread colours are white, blue or black. Most watches have a Acier coloured merchandise even though some brands offer black lame limps like our limited edition, the concordia kraken.

It is difficult to advise you on the choice of a colour, but we will remember that a white background is generally more classic, but has the advantage of being able to be mixed with all types of bracelets. Dials dark will have a more modern and contemporary mind, however not all bracelets will marry perfection with this type of dial.

For the women's models Classical dial colors are white, champagne or black. We also find watches with colorful dials such as blue, or green as on our model Aurora or SullyThe lamps are usually present in 3 colors: Silver, Gold and Pink Gold. Beat the metal that best marryes your carnation or the one you are used to wearing.

What watch to choose?


IV What kind of Bracelet Choose For your watch?


Finally, there are choose the bracelet from your watch. For this, you have several options. There are bracelets made of leather, steel, nylon or plastic.

For a style classic and timeless, favor a leather bracelet, more specifically of grained leather. Smooth leather is also an unmodeled, more contemporary than grained leather.

To stay on leather, but with a touch of originality, prefer exotic leather bracelets, or leather bracelets that mimic the marking of an exotic leather like ours bracelets en ostrich leatheror our lizard bracelets.

The bracelets in steel like the ones we present on our models Concordia, GR and Bastille will give your watch a more sporting and less classical look.

The bracelets in milanese mesh can bring a more vintage side to your watch.

Finally the bracelets in Nylon bring a much more sporting touch to any watch! Moreover, the advantage of this type of bracelet is that it can go without worries in water. The perfect mix with a waterproof watchfor your summer escapades.

What watch to choose


what watch choose

At home Charlie Paris, we have the mission to offer you watches that are both sober and remarkable, with excellent value for money and a responsible manufacturing. Our watches are "Made in France" because they are drawn, designed and assembled and France with high quality components. We offer French watches for man and for woman with different levels of sealing and with quartz movements or automaticYou have any questions? Our team is available by email at or by phone at09 67 41 12 37.

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