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What size of watch to choose for my wrist?

Which watch will fit the size of my wrist? When you want to afford a watch, you may wonder what size watch to choose according to your wrist, especially when making a purchase on the internet. This question is obviously legitimate, a watch is grafted on our wrist every day. A very thick watch with a large diameter on a small wrist will tend to weigh it down. Conversely, a small and thin watch on a large wrist will not be suitable either. So the size of your watch is an element to take into account before buying a watch and we will try in this article to help you make the right choice.

  1. Measure your wrist
  2. Choose the right watch diameter
  3. Other things to look out for


1 - Measure your wrist

Take a tape measure and measure the circumference of your wrist. If you don't have one, take a string, wrap it around your wrist, and mark your wrist circumference on a ruler. To help you if you ever have any doubts, a woman generally has a wrist with a circumference of 14 to 18 cm while a man will generally have a wrist of between 15 and 19 cm.

If you have measured your wrist size, we can go to the next step.


2 - Choose the appropriate watch diameter


What size watch for my wrist



  • For a wrist of 15cm or less we recommend a watch that has a case diameter of up to 32mm. Our little Sully ladies watch would be perfect for you!
  • For a wrist size ranging from 15 to 17 cm, a case between 28 mm and 36 mm will fit you like a glove. Our Initial 36 or Aurore watches will adapt perfectly to your wrist.
  • For a wrist size of between 16 and 18cm, prefer watch cases with a diameter between 36 and 44 mm. All our men's watches are included in this range.
  • If your wrist circumference is greater than 19 cm you can opt for larger cases ranging from 42mm to 50mm


3 - Other things to consider

  • Diameter is an important component to consider when purchasing a watch, but you also need to consider the size of the watch from horn to horn. The horns are the small fasteners on which the watch straps are attached. Our advice is that the horns should not protrude from your wrist. An impression of overload could then be created.
  • Also take into account the thickness of the watch. For the same watch diameter, a thick watch will have a larger volume and appear much larger than a very thin watch.


Not all of the proportions we have just mentioned are set in stone!

If a watch does not have the size and proportions mentioned above but you find that it adapts perfectly to your wrist, follow your desires. Above all, a watch must please the wearer! And if you are still unsure, it would be best for you to come to the store to try out different watch models to get an opinion.

Since our beginnings in 2014,our mission is to offer you watches that are both sober and remarkable, with excellent value for money and responsible manufacturing. The watchesCharlie Paris are drawn, designed and assembled in France with high quality components. We offerwatches for women for men with quartz movements or automatic. We invite you to visit our site to discover them.

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