What size of watch to choose for my wrist?

What watch size to choose for my wrist?-Charlie Paris

What watch will be adapted to the size of my wrist?

It is very common to wonder what watch size choose according to our wrist. This question is obviously legitimate, a watch is on a daily basis grafted to our wrist.
A very thick watch with a large diameter on a small wrist will tend to weigh it down. Conversely, a small and thin watch on a large wrist will not be suitable either. So size of your watch is a not insignificant element, to be taken into account before purchasing a watch.

Measure your wrist

Have a metre of sewing and measure the circumference of your wrist. If you don't have a string, wrap it around your wrist and put the circumference of your wrist on a ruler.

A woman generally has a wrist with a circumference of 14 to 18 cm. A man's wrist will be between 15 and 19 cm.


⇢ What proportions should I choose between my watch and my wrist?


What size of watch for my wrist



  • For a wrist of 15cm or less we recommend a watch that has a case diameter of up to 32mm. The watch Sully or Pile would be perfect for you!
  • For a wrist spin ranging from 15 to 17 cm a case between 28 mm and 36 mm will go you like a glove. Our watches Initial 36 or Aurora will fit your wrist perfectly.
  • For a wrist spin between 16 and 18 cm, favor watch cases with a diameter between 36 and 44 mm. Every our watches men are included in this interval!
  • If your wrist spin is greater than 19 cm you can opt for bigger boxes ranging from 42mm to 50mm


Other considerations

Diameter is an important component to be taken into account when buying a watch, but it is also necessary to take into account the size and length of the horns, these small attachments to which the watch bracelets are fixed. Our advice is that the horns should not go beyond your wrist. An overload impression could then be created.

Consider also the thickness of the watch. At equal watch diameter, a thick watch will look much bigger than a very thin watch.

All the proportions we have just stated are not engraved in marble!

If a watch does not have the size and proportions mentioned earlier but you find that it fits perfectly with your wrist, follow your desires, a watch must above all please the one who wears it!


Discover without further delay what watch Charlie Paris will fit your wrist perfectly

waist wrist watch
waist wrist watch woman
waist wrist watch man


To Charlie Paris, our mission is to offer you watches that are both sober and remarkable, with an excellent value for money and a responsible manufacture. Our watches are 'Made in France' because they are designed, designed and assembled and France with high quality components. We offer French watches for man and for woman with different sealing levels and with quartz movements or subscriber trunk dialling. Do you have any questions? Our team is available by email to bonjour@charlie-paris.com or by phone at09 67 41 12 37.

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