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Quartz watch: What is it? How does it work?

In watchmaking, watches are often separated into two main categories, on the one hand quartz watches and mechanical watches on the other. But what is a quartz watch? How does it work? Don't worry about helping you make a choice between mechanical watch and quartz ride, Team Charlie Paris enlightens you on quartz watches.

  1. How does a Quartz watch work?
  2. But then how does a Quartz watch work?


1. How does a Quartz watch work?

A real revolution in the 1970s, the Quartz watch is now the most marketed watch type in the world, despite a strong craze around the automatic watch.

Movement is the mechanism that allows a watch to function. At Charlie Paris, we supply ourselves with Citizen, a Japanese manufacturer for most of our Quartz watchesThe major Swiss watch brands generally have their own manufacture, which is why their prices are very high.


2. But then how does a Quartz watch work?

As the name suggests a Quartz watch is a watch that requires the use of Quartz crystal. Quartz is a mineral with piezoelectric properties. The piezoelectricity is the ability of a material to polarize electrically under the action of a mechanical force. Conversely, this material has the ability to vibrate and oscillate under the action of an electrical voltage. This is called the reverse effect of piezoelectricity. The phenomenon of piezoelectricity was discovered by brothers Pierre and Jacques Curie in 1880.

This vibration of the quartz is not of any, it is exactly 32,768 vibrations in a second. All quartz strips in Quartz watches vibrate at this frequency. A counter calculates the number of vibrations emitted by the quartz slat, once that number reaches 32,768 it triggers the advance of the trotter by one second and the mechanism of displaying the time in general.

The regularity of these vibrations is what allows Quartz watches to be extremely precise, more than automatic watches that adjust according to the movements of your wrist. A Quartz watch is considered to shift by less than a second per month.


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What is a Quartz watch