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Article: Quartz watch : How does it work?

Montre Quartz : Qu'est ce que c'est ? Comment fonctionne t-elle?-Charlie Paris

Quartz watch : How does it work?

Quartz watch : explanations 

A real revolution in the 70's, the quartz watch is today the most commercialized type of watch in the world. As its name indicates, a quartz watch is a watch that requires the use of quartz crystal. Quartz is a mineral that has piezoelectric properties. Piezoelectricity is the ability of a material to polarize electrically under the action of a mechanical force. Conversely, this material has the ability to vibrate and oscillate under the action of an electrical voltage. 

This vibration of quartz is not random, it is exactly 32 768 vibrations in one second. All the quartz plates present in quartz watches vibrate at this frequency. A counter calculates the number of vibrations emitted by the quartz blade, once this number reaches 32,768 it triggers the advance of the second hand by one second and the time display mechanism in general.

The regularity of these vibrations is what allows quartz watches to be extremely accurate, more so than automatic watches that are adjusted according to the movements of your wrist. It is considered that a quartz watch shifts less than one second per month. 

Charlie Paris quartz watch

  • Men's quartz watch : The Bastille is one of our men's quartz watches with a sleek and stylish design. This French watch for men with interchangeable strap comes with white, blue, green and black dial. The Bastille with its 39mm diameter case fits perfectly on men's wrists. You will also find our Solaire watch in steel or rose gold, available with a white or blue dial. The solar watch with blue dial combines index and number from 1 to 12. This watch goes well with a Milanese mesh or leather strap.
  • Women's quartz watch : You are looking for a women's quartz watch ? The Sully is our fine quartz watch for women. A true concentrate of elegance and femininity, the Sully watch imposes its finesse and dresses up your wrist on a daily basis thanks to its interchangeable straps that adapt to your outfit as well as to your mood. This refined watch is available in rose gold and silver and you can choose one of our elegant leather or Milanese mesh straps in rose gold or silver to bring a vintage touch to your watch. For a sportier watch, choose our Aurore steel watch. The Aurore waterproof watch is available with a blue, emerald, steel or pink dial. Both feminine and sporty, this watch will brighten up your wrist every day.

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