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Meaning the needles of a watch: why do they turn left to right?

needle watch

To understand the meaning of rotation of needles One must go back to Greek antiquity...

It was during this period that the solar dials. The Greeks lived in the Northern Hemisphere, where the sun traveled from east to west to south. Result: the shadow on the sundial moved from left to right. They had as distinguished that their shadows moved in that same direction and what was more natural than using a movement known for their inventions.

When the first clocks were created between the 12th and 15th centuries, it is very likely by habit and to follow up on the discoveries of the Greeks that this meaning was chosen.


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clock needle 

But then, basically, would it not change anything if the clock needles turned the other way?

Not sure... Imagine if the sundials and then the clocks had been invented in the southern hemisphere, where the sun follows an east-west path through the north: the shadow on the dial would have shifted in the opposite direction, and therefore, the opposite direction of the clockwise would have been used to make the watches. Makes sense, right?!

Thewatches Made in France Charlie Paris do not escape the rule! Let it be a waterproof watch, one sports watchor one automatic watch, you'll have noticed it but our needles are turning right from left to right!

man automatic watch

ride woman

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