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Swiss automatic movement P024 from the Soprod manufacture

Since 1966, Soprod has been developing, manufacturing and marketing watch movements and complications. This renowned Swiss manufacture, belonging to the Festina industrial group, is present in various places in Switzerland but also in France with a factory in Maîche for the manufacture of bridges and plates, essential parts in the making of a watch movement. The Charlie Paris team is happy to present you this Swiss watch manufacturer as well as the P024 movement that equips our automatic watch Concordia.

Soprod automatic movement : the P024

Our Concordia men's sports watch is currently equipped with an automatic movement from Swiss Technology Production. This movement will be replaced by the P024 from Soprod, which will provide the Concordia with a 38h power reserve, a great reliability, a formidable anti-shock system as well as a part of its manufacturing in France. Here are the technical characteristics of the P024 movement that we use on our series of Concordia Automatique.

  • Thickness: 4,6 mm
  • Rubis : 25
  • Display: Date, hour, minute, second
  • Shock absorber for the balance wheel 
  • Precision : -7/+7 seconds per day
  • Power reserve : 38 hours

This new high-end movement will be a guarantee of high quality. It will also be the first to equip our Charlie Paris watchesbut not the last. This automatic movement will soon be accompanied by another very high-end Soprod movement for one of our great novelties that will be released at the end of 2022.  


soprod P024