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Montre femme bracelet cuir

Woman's leather bracelet watch

Discover our selection of French watches for women with leather straps.

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Sully - SteelSully - Steel
Sully - Steel Sale price$195.00

4 colors available

 Vue de face du modèle de montre automatique coeur ouvert pour femme Initial 36 Cœur Ouvert en version acier cadran blanc Vue de face du modèle de montre automatique coeur ouvert pour femme Initial 36 Cœur Ouvert en version acier cadran blanc

3 colors available

Vue de face du modèle de montre automatique pour femme Initial 36 Guilloché en version or roseINITIAL 36 - Guilloché
INITIAL 36 - Guilloché Sale price$395.00

4 colors available

iconicINITIAL 36 - Skeleton - Rose GoldINITIAL 36 - Skeleton - Rose Gold

4 colors available

Vue de face du modèle de montre automatique squelette pour femme Initial 36 Ajourée en version acier INITIAL 36 - Skeleton - Steel

4 colors available


French made

It is important to us to act locally, which is why our watches are assembled by hand in our workshop in Paris.

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From Monday to Friday, we do our best to always respond to you within the day.

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Address, Paris 6th

Find our entire collection of watches for men and women at 53 rue Saint André des Arts, Paris 6th.

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Women's leather strap watch

The timeless elegance of the leather bracelet

Charlie's women's watches embody the perfect alliance between timeless elegance and watchmaking innovation. At the heart of this harmony, leather bracelets stand out as accessories of choice, giving each watch an unparalleled touch of refinement. These carefully designed bracelets symbolize the marriage between tradition and modernity. Leather, synonymous with elegance par excellence, offers an incomparable tactile and visual experience. The softness of the leather combined with the robustness of the material ensures optimal comfort on the wrist. More than a simple accessory, the leather bracelet becomes a second skin, highlighting the personality of the wearer.

A unique watch

Personalization is at the heart of the Charlie experience, offering every woman the opportunity to create a watch that suits her. With interchangeable, high-quality leather straps , the diversity of your watch's configuration becomes an endless source of personal expression. From classic brown leather to pine green, each bracelet tells a unique story. Opt for brown leather for a vintage look, or prefer black leather for timeless elegance. Let your creativity run wild by choosing from a range of colors that will perfectly complement your daily life. The ease with which the bracelets are interchanged using the flash pump system allows each woman to transform her watch in an instant, adapting her look to suit her moods and occasions.

Our collections of watches with leather straps

Beyond the aesthetic aspect, Charlie women's watches are also distinguished by their watchmaking quality. The house's two flagship collections, the Sully and the Initial 36, offer a range of captivating choices for every woman looking for a watch that will stand the test of time. The Sully collection, characterized by its 30mm diameter dial, stands out for its finesse and versatility. Interchangeable bracelets accentuate the unique personality of this collection, offering endless combinations for every occasion. For those looking for an introduction to mechanical watchmaking, the women's automatic watches from the Initial 36 collection present themselves as real timepieces. Featuring automatic movements from the MIYOTA manufacture, these watches offer classic elegance with open heart or skeleton versions. Admiring the workings of movement becomes a captivating visual experience. Whether you opt for a steel or rose gold case, each Charlie watch model is designed and assembled in France, embodying the commitment to quality and authenticity. Discover Charlie's rich universe, where elegance, personalization and watchmaking quality meet to create watches with true singularity.