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10 signs to find out if you are a real watch enthusiast

The watchmaking environment can be quickly exciting if you take the time to interest you watches. Even if the watchmaking world is vast and you will need some time to know the smallest detail, we can quickly become a real passionate! But how do you know if you are a real watch enthusiast? Team Charlie Paris presents 10 signs that will help you to know if you are one!

1. The first thing you make by getting up is to put on your watch

On awakening, if the majority of people go to the bathroom or coffee maker, you prefer to put your watch. This attitude says a lot about the importance you give to the watches. Moreover, if barely raised you think about the watch you are going to wear, there is a good chance that you are a watch enthusiast! More seriously, discover the other signs that will tell you if you are or not a watch enthusiast.

2. You match your outfit to your watch bracelets

Most people choose a matching watch at their outfit but if you prefer to match your outfit as shown as you want to wear, this is not the same thing! If in both cases we can say that you pay attention to vote style, choose an outfit from the watch that you want to wear long on the place occupied by the watches in your life. If you reason like that when you get ready there is a good chance that you are passionate about watches. Moreover, at Charlie Paris, we propose a system of Interchangeable bracelets, easy to use, to allow you to customize your watch according to your desires and outfits.

3. You follow the watchmaking news closely

Do you like to keep you informed of watchmaking news, new models of your favorite brands and you love to discuss it with the people around you? In addition, if you look forward to the greatest watchmaking salons like Watches & Wonders, then you are a real watch enthusiast!

4. You prefer automatic watches to quartz watches

Even if the Automatic watches And the quartz watches have each of the advantages and disadvantages, you do not see the interest of buying a watch that works with a battery. If when you want to buy a watch, it's all the movement (mechanical) of the watch as the design that interests you, there is a good chance that you are an amateur of watches.

5. When you talk about watches we can not stop you anymore, leaves your family and friends.

Whatever our passion, one of the features of a passionate is the enthusiasm with which he talks about his favorite subject. In our case, these are watches. So, if you like to chat as often as possible, with the first person in front of you, then you have all the attitude of a watch enthusiast. Moreover, if your family or friends sometimes blame you from talking too often watches or that they feel they drop regularly during the discussion, it is surely because you are, unlike them, a watchman watchman .

6. You have multiple watches

Like all good watches enthusiast, you do not just you with a single watch and for each of them remember when you bought it as well as the story it represents. Whether you have a large collection of watches, if you always have the next watch of your dreams, the one you want to acquire even if it can take time, so bravo: you have joined the clan of watch passionate. 

7. You rejoice technological prowess that improve the operation of a watch

If you are interested in timely news allowed by the technological feats, it shows that you are a connoisseur. For example, if learn that two new types of silicon and carbon spirals make it possible to improve the accuracy of a watch you would like, then you have everything from a passionate. Even better, if you closely follow watchmaking debates as the debate about the border between watchmaking and new technologies or around the watch spiral, then you are a real passionate!

8. You are admiring the know-how, tradition and careful work needed to achieve a watch

When you buy an automatic watch, which interests you before its design, its technical characteristics or its mark, it is all the meticulous work and the necessary watchmaking tradition that it took to create this watch. This indicates that you are sensitive to the history of watchmaking, tradition and all the know-how it represents, if you recognize yourself in this description then you have everything from a watch enthusiast! 

9. Limited editions of watches attract you

If the limited editions attract you because you are afraid of missing the occasion of a life or because the effect of rarity seduces you, then you have everything of a watch enthusiast. Unlike a permanent collection, a limited edition corresponds to a model of watches produced in limited numbers and which will address the real fan. If the limited editions interest you because you are convinced that the scarcity of a watch will give it more value, know that this is not always true, and in this case you have more the profile of a speculator than A real watch enthusiast. 

10. You buy or we offer objects to take care of your watches

You like to take care of your watches and for that you buy objects like a watches window or for example a beautiful watch box. If your family and friends regularly offer gifts related to watchmaking as a travel case, a watchmaker kit or a beautiful book on watchmaking, it's because your interest in watchmaking get closer to passion!

If these 10 situations are familiar to you, then bravo: you have joined the clan of watch enthusiasts! We invite you to continue your passion and follow the world of watchmaking that evolves over the years.

You still have a doubt?

Team Charlie Paris offers a bonus to help you decide if you are a watch passionate or not. If you are part of those who think for a long time the day before you are going to bear the next day, then bravo: you are a real watchman!

Male automatic watch

men watch

Male automatic watch

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