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Article: 5 signs to know if you are a true watch enthusiast

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5 signs to know if you are a true watch enthusiast

The watchmaking industry can quickly become fascinating if you take the time to become interested in watches . Even though this field is vast and it will take you some time to learn the smallest details, you can very quickly become a real enthusiast! But how do you know if you are a true watch enthusiast? Team Charlie Paris presents 5 signs that will help you know if you are one!

  • You follow watchmaking news closely

Do you like to keep up to date with watchmaking news, new watch models from your favorite brands and do you love discussing them with the people around you? Additionally, if you look forward to the biggest watch fairs like Watches & Wonders, then you are a true enthusiast!

  • Do you prefer automatic watches to quartz watches?

Although automatic watches and quartz watches each have their advantages and disadvantages, you don't see the point in buying a watch that runs on a battery. If when you want to buy a watch, it is as much the (mechanical) movement of the watch as the design that interests you, there is a good chance that you are a real enthusiast.

  • When you talk about watches there's no stopping you, even if it means making your family and friends yawn!

Whatever our passion, one of the traits of an enthusiast is the enthusiasm with which they speak about their favorite subject. In our case, it's about watches. So, if you like to discuss watches as often as possible, with the first person in front of you, then you have all the attitude of an enthusiast.

  • You own several watches

Like any good watch enthusiast, you don't settle for just one watch and for each one you remember when you bought it and the story it represents. Whether or not you have a large collection of watches, if you always have in mind the next watch of your dreams, the one you want to acquire even if it may take time, then congratulations: you have joined the clan of enthusiasts. 

  • You delight in the technological feats that make it possible to improve the functioning of a watch

If you are interested in new watchmaking developments made possible by technological prowess, this shows that you are a connoisseur. For example, if you are happy to learn that two new types of hairsprings in silicon and carbon can improve the precision of a watch, then you have all the makings of an enthusiast. Even better, if you closely follow watchmaking debates such as the debate concerning the border between watchmaking and new technologies or even around the watchspring, then you are a true enthusiast!

Do you still have any doubts? Team Charlie Paris offers you a bonus to help you decide whether you are a watch enthusiast or not. If you are one of those who think long and hard the day before about the watch you are going to wear the next day, then congratulations: you are a true enthusiast!

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