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Charlie Paris Pitchee by our designer on startup-hours of dialicious

Dialicious and Charlie Paris

Charlie Ménétrier, our designer produced and artistic director, was invited on the YouTube Dialicious channel. The goal was to explain his profession at Charlie Paris and more broadly to chat with Xavier Groove of their common passion for watchmaking.

We want to let their exchange discover in this video:

A few words about dialicious

The YouTube Dialicious channel was created by Xavier Sillon in April 2019 and now brings together 13,000 subscribers. Xavier Sillon has been an entrepreneur in new technologies for more than 15 years and see you soon 50, he wanted to move on and do a job related to his passion for watchmaking. Dialicious is a Francophone entertainment channel on watches and watchmaking. On this Youtube channel we find different programs on watchmaking like Watchout, small watches with friends, Street Watch, Battle with a collector, duel time and finally startup-hours. The latter is a program that gives the floor to the founder of a brand of the watchmaking market, a program for which our designer Charlie Ménétrier de Cheret Charie Paris has participated.

The chain wants to "bring a different look at the watchmaking through enthusiasts, collectors or simple amateurs who live with their time and have a story with their watches to tell". With dialicious we share this common vision that consists of thinking that a watch gives more than the hour, it transmits emotions that only the person who the door can feel. It is therefore this passion and common vision for watchmaking that this video was born. We invite you to watch it by finding it on the Dialicious YouTube channel.

Startup-hours, an original program to make you discover behind the scenes of our creations

This video was an opportunity for us to share our passion for watchmaking and making you discover the role of our designer and artistic director. He returns to his career, our brand world, how we develop our models of Men's Watches and women, as well as our vision over the long term. This video in the form of an exchange between two watch enthusiasts allows you to discover more detail behind the scenes of our brand and the values ​​that animate us.

PS: A surprise awaits you during this video!

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