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Erró, a painter with saturated pop collages

Erró is an Icelandic painter born Gudmundur Gudmundsson in Ólafsvík on July 19, 1932. This post-modern artist belongs to the pop art movement and is famous for his paintings, drawings, collages, engravings but also sculptures. Much known in the movement of narrative figuration, Team Charlie Paris returns to his career ...

1. Erró & Charlie Paris, a colorful artistic collaboration

Everything starts at the New York Modern Art Museum. Erró discovers art and is passionate about painting at the age of 10. He studied the art of 1952 to 1954. He goes first in Norway to study engraving, Fresco and painting at the Oslo Academy. Then he enters the Florence Academy of Fine Arts and the Ravenna Byzantine Mosaic School. He graduated from the Reykjavík School of Visual Art. In the mid-1950s, he begins to expose his works, first in Florence in 1955 and then in Paris where he settled in 1958, before living in Thailand and on the island of Formentera.

Near the origin of the surrealists, error gives up this movement to collage, after discovering mass consumption in the United States. It travels throughout the world and collect images in the form of advertisements, news photos, comics, posters or political documents. All these illustrations are its source of inspiration. In some of its compositions, it cleverly inserts the painting characters of famous artists like Eugene Delacon or Pablo Picasso. It is said of his paintings that they are "so much to see than to see". Indeed, error shows surreal imaging, ranging from comic character characters to pop icons like Roy Lichtenstein or Andy Warhol. For its error compositions proceeds in a particular way. Often he works by series: Chinese, political, erotic cycles, etc. It accumulates a huge amount of material and when it brought together a lot of images pertaining to a theme, it begins a series. The process then consists in selecting the images, associating them to make collages, then tables. Erró is also considered the pioneer of the painted collage. Its technique consists of painting only after assembling images from all over the world and different media, that it archively archive to feed its work in series.

Error knows international reputation as a leader in narrative figuration, an equivalent of pop art that emerges in the early 1960s. His works are, among others, among the collections of the Czech Museum of Fine Arts in Prague, Museum of Contemporary Art Ludwig in Budapest and the Reykjavik Museum in Iceland. Many exhibitions are devoted to his work in France and abroad and several retrospectives have been dedicated to him. His work was the subject of exhibitions in Europe, Iceland, the United States or Israel. At Charlie Paris, we are very happy to collaborate with this international artist to create an artist watch.