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Hopare - Charlie Paris, when street art comes to the wrist

Hopare, a street artist to know

Alexandre Monteiro aka Hopare is a French street artist born in 1989 in the Essone. As a teenager he discovered graffiti in a disused factory in Limours and has since developed a real passion for this urban art that he lives every day. Hopare was trained by another French street artist, Shaka, who was his visual arts teacher at the time and later became his mentor. This painter and sculptor from the street art movement forms it. Talented Hopare creates many flashy frescoes and is first recognized in Limours. The mayor of Limours offers him the creation of signage for a new theatre and organizes his first exhibition which is a success, on 30 paintings exhibited he sells 23!

At just 20 years old, Hopare works for an interior designer who influences his painting and his way of drawing. In his works we find the presence of straight lines, parallel and intertwined. Inspired by architecture and urban lines, perspective is omnipresent in his work and this is what makes his "leg" so singular. In 2006, he joined the TSF Crew, an artists' association that wants to promote street art in all its ways. Today, Hopare lives on his art, he paints, exhibits his works and also participates in interior architecture, decoration or design projects in textiles. Spontaneity and aesthetics are at the heart of his works. Considered a rising star, Hopare asks us about the emotional nature of faces. A style always very rich in colors and perspectives. A true professional in portraiture, you can discover many of his works in the Paris region. Hopare likes to travel and draw inspiration from his travels, the people they meet to make his paintings. His graffiti takes him from Limours to Paris, then to Montreal, Hong Kong, Lisbon and Casablanca.

The young artist also devotes himself to sculpture, creating portraits made of bronze. From March 2021 until May 30, 2021, Hopare exhibits five sculptures, including one of 3m10 facing the Louvre. Hopare reveals deconstructed metal faces. The young street artist wants to import himself wherever his style and talent are accepted. At Charlie Paris, we admire his work and the style that emerges from each of his works. We are therefore very happy to collaborate with Hopare to create an artist watch.