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Find the trendy woman watch made for you

You are looking for a beautiful Ladies watch Trend? Whether you like to follow the trends or simply curious, in this article Team Charlie Paris presents timeless trends in watchmaking. Discover without further delay the essential trends concerning women's watches.

  1. The watch trends of the year 2021
  2. Discover our selection of trendy watches by our brand of Charlie Paris

1. The watch trends of the year 2021

More than just a fashion accessory, the watch is a real gem that says a lot about its owner, the watch is somehow the reflection of a personality. According to your tastes and your desires, you will turn towards styles of watches In particular and universes that seduce you. Whether you like to follow the trends or simply curious, Team Charlie Paris presents the trends of this year in watchmaking. 

The jewel watch

The woman's watch can be a real gem as evidenced by the many houses in the Watches & Jewelry sector. These houses operate on two segments, high-end watchmaking on the one hand and jewelery on the other. The jewelry watches can consist of rhinestones, encrusted diamonds, gold or pink gold color. A watch can also be considered a jewel mount by its refined and elegant design. At Charlie Paris, we offer timeless and singular watches with a responsible production model. Among our jewelry watches you will find our Women's Gold Women's Watches and all our collection of Women's automatic watches

The minimalist watch, vintage

Sobriety and minimalist, seem to be the key words, which emerge from current trends. The minimalist watches are very appreciated this year and this trend appeared after too much of our way of consuming. The minimalist trend mixes with vintage by offering small watches, silver or gold color. Vintage watches bring an "old school" key to any look.

The colorful watch

The colorful watches are also part of the latest watch trends. The colorful watch, ideal in summer, is also a very good ally to revive a look too sad or too neutral the rest of the year. You can enjoy the tendency of pastel colors or opt for the gray mouse and sun yellow, the color duo unveiled by Pantone this year 2021. After the Classic Blue in 2020, the experts of the Pantone Color Institute chose to put to the Honor not one, but two nuances in 2021: the Pantone hue 17-5104 Ultimate Gray and the Hue Pantona 13-0647 Illuminating. At Charlie Paris, we propose different dials of colorful watches: blue, emerald, green, champagne, pastel blue, etc. In addition, each of our watter models has a system of Interchangeable bracelet With a wide variety of colors: blue, brown, chocolate, camel, green, blue, terracotta, burgundy, red, peacock, pink, pastel blue, etc. We offer different bracelet materials, smooth leather, grained leather, steel, flannel, milanise pink gold or steel. You will surely find happiness !

The connected watch

The connected watches or intelligent watches work on battery like smartphones, so it is necessary to recharge them regularly. The connected watch is appreciated for the many features it proposes to know the weather forecasts, paying its contactless races, read its SMS or change music. The integrated voice wizard and the ability to insert a SIM card are the most requested features. Unlike the mechanical watches, the connected models are powered by a battery that must be charged and that has by nature a limited life over time.

Obviously, nothing requires you to follow these trends, the most important thing remains to find a watch that looks like you and to have fun wearing it. However, if these trends interest you, you can get inspired and find the woman's watch for you!


2. Discover our selection of trend Charlie Paris

If you like to follow trends, know that at Charlie Paris our watches offer a sleek and timeless design. Discover our watches for women who respond to the trends presented above.

The jewel watch by Charlie Paris - the initial woman watch 36

Currently, we are seeing a way back to the jewelry watches in rose gold and golden gold. If you are looking for a nice watch for women in the appearance close to a jewel, our initial automatic watch collection 36 is ideal. The initial open heart and the Guilloche initial produce a very elegant jewel watch effect. These two models of open heart watches allow you to appreciate the workings of your watch. The collection of initial watches combines clean lines and delicate curves in a spirit of both timeless and contemporary. On the Guilloche initial, a circle-shaped guillochage was made on the white dial. The design of the initial 36 three needles is more clean but also produces a wrist jewel watch effect, especially with its color champagne dial. The initial 36 exists in silver and rose gold color, in pink gold version this woman watch more a look of the jewel.

The colorful watch by Charlie Paris - The Aurora Women's Watch

The colorful dial watch is very popular and if this trend seduces you, our Aurore watch collection should please you. This collection brings together feminine and waterproof watches, with different colors of dials: an emerald dial, blue, steel or sky blue. In addition, all our other models of female watches have an interchangeable bracelet system. So you can choose a colorful bracelet like our Bordeaux leather strap, terracotta, peacock, green, magnolia, pastel blue, grenadine, red poppy, etc. You will find different colors and bracelet materials to associate with our different models of watches.

The Minimalist Watch by Charlie Paris - Sully Woman Watch

If you like the minimalist trend, our sully woman watch model is ideal for its dimensions. With a 30mm case diameter and a thickness of 6.5mm, the Fine Sully woman watch has a minimalist watch. In addition, its steel and pink gold colors bring a vintage note to the wrist.

To discover more about our watches for women we invite you to explore the universe of our different watch collections and discover the woman's watch for you!

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Fine Woman Watch

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