How to set the date on a watch?

How to change the date on a watch

The date indicator on a watch is a very useful daily tool, but when a 30-day month arrives you wonder each time how to set the date on yourwatch. We will explain how to set the date on your watch.

  1. How to adjust the date on a quartz watch?
  2. How to adjust the date on an automatic watch?
  3. How to adjust the date on a watch with a screw down crown?


1. How do I adjust the date on a quartz watch?

To set the date on a classic quartz watch, it's very simple:

How to set the date on a watch



1 - Pull the crown out to position 1. To be sure you are in position 1, look at your second hand, it is still turning!

2 - Turn the crown counterclockwise to set the date.

3 - When you are finished, press the crown to put it in position 0.


2. How do I set the date on an automatic watch?

Be careful if you have a automatic watch do not change the date during the period known as "death zone", this time slot which extends between 9 pm and 3 am. Indeed, it is during this period of time that the mechanism responsible for changing the date engages and therefore carrying out the operations to change the date at that time can seriously damage the movement of your watch.

To find out if your watch indicates 9 o'clock or 9 o'clock and therefore to know if you can change the date on your watch, pull the crown of your watch to level 2, and move your watch forward by 3 o'clock. If the date changes it is because your watch indicated 9:00 p.m., if nothing happens it is because it indicated 9:00 a.m. and therefore you can change the date!


3. How do I set the date on a watch with a screw-down crown?

If as our shows Concordia, your watch uses a screw down crown, please follow the same instructions as before, except that you need to unscrew the crown from your watch before you can pull out the crown and set the date. To be sure not to damage the screw thread and your watch, when you screw it back on, take this simple precaution: use your thumb and forefinger, press the crown against the screw thread and turn it down (counterclockwise) . After a little while you will hear and feel a “click” which will indicate that the crown is properly engaged, you can then screw it in (clockwise) with peace of mind.

How to set the date on a watch

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