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Why is his watch on the left ?

Shows left why

Where does the habit of wearing your watch on your left wrist come from?

Many of you wear your watch Made in France Charlie on the wrist, but not on any side ! Very often the left. But why? There are various explanations for this. For you, and just for you,Charlie Parisretained three.


90% right-handed

Only 10 % of the population is left-handed. Since it is easier for a right-hander to put your watch to the left, one could simply explain that most people naturally put it on the left wrist. That said, some left-handers wear ealso shows them on the sideleft. So what other explanations lie behind this strange custom ?

More convenient to wind your watch

Often, the winder of aautomatic watch is located to the right of the housing. Therefore, left-and right-handers find it more convenient to wear their watchCharlie Parison the left side to handle with ease, precision, dexterity, finesse and love their Winder. You had to think about it !

Did you know ?

The winders are only present on the mechanical watches. If the difference between mechanical watch and quartz watchyou is unknown, click here and discover our article detailing the specificities of each !

Wear your watch on the left to better protect it

In the past, watches were much more fragile. These were cylinder watches with complete absence of anti-shock. Also, the work was much rougher and often used hammers, agricultural tools, which would have put the watches to too harsh tests. The left arm being much less stressed, the watch was worn on the left.If today watches are more resistant, the habit has remained. If you wear your watch on the arm that works the least, you are less likely to damage it. Also, for right-handers, when holding a glass, it is naturally done with the right hand. It would therefore be delicate to wear your watch on this wrist.

Come on, a little anecdote to finish!

It is also mentioned that the inventor of the wristwatch was amputated to the right and therefore put his watch on the left. To know who is the inventor of watches click here, there Team Charlie Paris enlightens you!

men's automatic watch

automatic men's watch 

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