How to change your watch strap?

change watch bracelet

Once you have chosen your watch, it is interesting to be able to change your bracelet to adapt it to your outfits, activities or events.

At Charlie Paris, we want to best meet your expectations, which is why we offer you interchangeable bracelets. Once you have finally answered the question "which watch strap to choose?“, Then comes the time to change your bracelet. Whether on our leather, nylon, steel or Milanese mesh straps, all of our watch straps have a flash pump system that makes it very easy to change the strap without any tools. For example, you can change your leather strap for a nylon strap without any difficulty and we recommend that you clean your nylon watch band sometimes.

Here is the process to follow.

Changing your watch strap: the steps

Our interchangeable watch straps made of leather, nylon, flannel and Milanese mesh work using a pump-flash system. Quick and easy to use, this mechanism allows you to change our bracelets in less than 10 seconds and with nothing more than your ten fingers.

You must therefore follow these steps:

  1. Place your watch on the back: take your watch in hand, movement side visible
  2. Slide one side of the flash pump out of its housing and remove the bracelet from your two horns
  3. Take yours new bracelet
  4. Insert the right side of your new bracelet on one of your horns: the one not including the flash pump
  5. Slide the flash pump out of its housing and fit the bracelet on your other horn

Changing your watch strap: video tutorial

Find out in this tutorialhow to change your watch strapwith a pump-flash system:

Whether on an automatic, quartz or solar watch, Charlie Paris offers watch straps that you can also adapt according to your wrist size. If you wantset a Milanese mesh bracelet or remove the links of a steel watch know that in both cases you can do it yourself and without any tools. You can also clean your steel watch strap. Have you fallen for one of our Made in France watches? We have designed different bracelets so that they can adapt to your wardrobe and of course to your men's or women's watch.

If you like leather bracelets for their elegance, our ostrich leather bracelet you should like it. Contrary to what one might think, you can very well clean your leather watch band


We invite you to discover all our 14mm ladies watch strapsand for men on our site!

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