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Article: Changing your watch strap: the steps

Changer son bracelet de montre : les étapes

Changing your watch strap: the steps

Discover how easy it is to change our watch straps with the help of our pump-flash system. Quick and easy to use, this mechanism allows you to change a watch strap in less than 10 seconds and with nothing more than your ten fingers.
All you need to do is follow these steps:
  1. Place your watch on the back: hold your watch in your hand with the movement side visible
  2. Slide one side of the flash pump out of its housing and remove the strap from both lugs
  3. Take your new strap
  4. Insert the right side of your new strap on one of your lugs: the one without the flash pump
  5. Slide the flash pump out of its housing and put the bracelet on your other horn  

Discover in this tutorial how to change your watchstrap with a flash pump system:

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