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Unbreakable watch, is it possible?

Beyond the design, the color of the dial, the automatic or quartz movement, or the size of the case, when you want to acquire a watch, you want to keep it as long as possible. This raises the question of the solidity of the watch. Don't worry, we'll try to help you see a little more clearly on this subject.

As a preamble, we would like to warn you right away, a watch can be more or less resistant to shocks, but the term “unbreakable” is unrealistic!

This is why, in order to keep your watch as long as possible, we recommend that you take the greatest possible care of it and avoid shocks as much as possible.

Through this article we will see the following points:

  1. Unbreakable watch or jewel watch?
  2. What movement for an unbreakable watch?
  3. Which glass for the strongest possible watch?
  4. Which material to choose for the case of your watch?


1. Unbreakable watch or jewel watch?

At Charlie Paris, we consider that a watch, whether for men or women, is above all a real jewel. Whether you choose an automatic watch or a quartz watch, watches are delicate objects and in any case require the utmost care. Interestingly, a watch's sturdiness is not related to its price. Indeed, if you take a good look, the more expensive watches are not necessarily the most durable. On the contrary ! Watch brands, in particular those of fine jewelry, are adepts of horological complications. Precious and delicate, these watches are true masterpieces of technicality and creativity, but require the utmost care.

However, there are different technical characteristics for a watch that will let you know if it will stand up to time and life well.


2. What movement for an “unbreakable” watch?

We can then ask ourselves, what type of watch is best suited to withstand time? And what should you choose between an automatic watch and a quartz watch? We will help you see it a little more clearly.

An automatic watch has a more sophisticated and complex movement compared to a quartz watch which uses a battery-powered electronic system. Automatic watches can offer various functions called “horological complications” such as the power reserve, the tourbillon or even the date. If these words are foreign to you, don't worry, we've put together a guide to watch complications. Be aware that all the complications that you can find on a watch first require meticulous work on the part of the watchmaker and the more complications you have, the more your watch will have to be handled with the greatest care.

The quartz watches for menas well asquartz watches for women will be more resistant to shocks compared to an automatic watch. If you practice "violent" sports like tennis, boxing or golf, with an automatic watch, you risk damaging it. In fact, the rotor of your watch will be subjected to too intense movements which will degrade the mechanism over time. You will understand, if you are looking for a watch that must withstand shocks or for playing sports, we advise you to opt for one of our Charlie Paris quartz watches., like our men's sports watches GR or Concordia.

However, theautomatic watchescan be kept for a very long time, even a lifetime, if you take care of it. Indeed, even if we do not recommend playing sports with an automatic watch, automatic watches are fully mechanical, unlike quartz watches which are electronic, which gives them an incredibly longer life. Like classic cars without electronics, an automatic mechanical watch can easily pass through generations as long as you have it serviced regularly at your watchmaker.

The choice of movement for an "unbreakable watch" therefore really depends on what you mean by unbreakable: a watch that resists shocks or a watch that lasts over time? Obviously, even being careful with your watch, it is quite normal to drop it in your lifetime. Your watch may therefore encounter certain shocks which may damage it. If this happens to you, we recommend that you go to your watchmaker so that they can check whether your watch movement has been damaged.


3. Which glass for the strongest possible watch?

Glass is an important part of your watch which contributes to its resistance. There are three categories of watch glass and it can be difficult to know which type of glass to choose for a watch.

  • First of all, there is acrylic glass. It is a glass derived from plastic commonly referred to as plexiglass. This glass, however, is not very impact resistant and shatters and scratches easily.
  • Then you can find mineral glass watches. This glass is much stronger than acrylic glass and it is also the glass most used in watchmaking. It resists scratches except in the event of significant friction and can break in the event of large impacts.
  • Finally, sapphire crystal is more solid than other glasses and its manufacture is more expensive than mineral glass or acrylic glass. It is made from crystallized aluminum oxide at 2050 ° C, and has the same chemical properties as natural sapphire. Thanks to this, sapphire crystal is a very resistant component, it is the second hardest material after diamond (it is for example 7 times harder than tempered steel).

Regarding the glass of our Charlie Paris watches, we decided to use sapphire crystal, which is ultra-resistant and anti-reflective. You can find the sapphire crystal on the whole our men's watches and on our ladies' watches automatic. Thus the sapphire crystal is a glass which breaks or is very difficult to scratch, it will stand the test of time with your Bastille.

Our automatic watches are all protected by a sapphire crystal and we also play on the thickness of the glass to ensure the best possible resistance.


4.What material should you choose for your watch case?

The case of the watches can be made of different materials. There are a wide variety of tough materials and each has its advantages and disadvantages.

Rubber has the advantage of having high resistance to water, heat and even deformation. However, the rubber may crack after drying or sunshine. Titanium is also a material that can be used for the case of a watch. Light and strong, titanium on the other hand has the disadvantage of being easily scratched. Conversely, ceramic is stainless and does not scratch, but it breaks more easily. Steel for its part is very robust, more resistant to scratches than titanium, but requires minimal maintenance.

For all of our men's watches and our Charlie Paris ladies' watches, we have chosen to work with 316L steel. This alloy is recognized for its durability and also its high resistance to corrosion, two elements that we consider essential for our cases. In addition, from an aesthetic point of view, 316L steel is a stainless steel that lasts over time and does not tarnish. It is naturally that we turned to this type of steel for our french watches


5. Which bracelet to choose for an indestructible watch?

There are different bracelets, just as there are different case materials. For example, leather bracelets are the most elegant but they are not the most resistant over time or those that can be called unbreakable. At Charlie Paris, we offer you interchangeable watch straps atend so you can find the bracelets that best suit you. We offer braceletsmade of leather but also bracelets that are more resistant to life, such as our nylon, Milanese mesh and steel bracelets.

Like our cases, our steel bracelets are also made from 316L steel. This allows you to benefit from a strong and perfectly waterproof bracelet. Our nylon bracelets are perfectly suited for sports use and are therefore perfectly resistant to water, shocks and time. Charlie Paris also offers watch straps in Milanese mesh for women and men. These bracelets are very resistant and will go perfectly with your automatic watch, your quartz watch or your solar watch!


In summary you will understand it, the unbreakable watch does not exist but there are many criteria to look at to assess the strength of a watch . In addition, in the event of a problem, be aware that it is possible to repair your watch at any serious watch brand.

And if you are wondering which is the most "unbreakable" watch from Charlie, well it is our Concordia watch.

unbreakable watch
unbreakable watch