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Article: How to clean a stainless steel watchstrap?

How to clean a stainless steel watchstrap?

If you have a watch with a steel or Milanese mesh strap, you should know that it is very easy to clean your watch strap. These two types of straps are generally used on waterproof watches, however it is important to clean them in order to take the best care of them. In general, cleaning your watchstrap will help keep your watch looking its best.
To shine a steel watchstrap, you need very few tools. A soft bristle brush or a soft cloth and soap are sufficient.

1 - Moisten your soft bristle brush or cloth,  

2 - Add soap to your soft bristle brush or cloth,

3 - Gently scrub your strap,

4 - Rinse your strap with plenty of clean water,

5 - Dry your strap with a soft and dry cloth

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