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How to clean a stainless steel watch strap?

If you own a watch with a steel or Milanese mesh strap, you should know that it is very easy to clean your watch strap.

Both of these types of straps are typically used on waterproof watches, however it is important to clean them in order to take good care of them. Generally, clean your watch strap allows you to keep your watch as well as possible.

How to Clean a Watch Band: The Steps

To shine a steel watch band, you need very few tools. A soft bristle brush or a soft cloth and soap are sufficient.

1 - Humidifyyour soft bristle brush or soft cloth,

2 - Add soapon your soft bristle brush or soft cloth,

3 - Gently rub your bracelet,

4 - Rinse your bracelet with plenty of clear water,

5 - Dry your bracelet with a soft, dry cloth


Our steel watches, by Charlie Paris

In Charlie Paris, we offer you good quality French watches like our steel watches.

Our collection of Aurore ladies' watches with its steel bracelet has been designed to accompany you throughout the year. Our Aurore watch with its silver strap and feminine lines belongs to our collection of waterproof watches. It adapts perfectly to all everyday situations. Available in silver, blue or emerald, this quality waterproof watch is both a sports watch and an elegant and feminine watch, for everyday wear. IF your watch is too big on your wrist, you can remove the links from your steel watch

Commitment and know-how are very important to us, which is why at Charlie Pariswe have chosen to use 316L steel for our watches. We offer interchangeable bracelets like our Milanese mesh bracelets, made of 316L steel. Adjust your Milanese mesh bracelet is very simple. Chez Charlie, nOur Milanese mesh bracelets are available in silver and rose gold color as on our automatic ladies watchInitial 36 open heart

If you hesitate or don't know which watch strap to chooseour system of interchangeable straps will interest you. Indeed, thanks to our pump-flash systemchange your watch strap  has never been so easy! Ostrich leather watch straps, nylon, steel or even flannel you can adapt your watch strap to all your desires and outfits. We also recommend that you clean your nylon watch bandand from time to timeclean your leather watch band. For more than half of our watch straps as well as for our leather goods, we use vegetable tanned leather and chrome tanning in order to obtain more rigid leathers and more vivid colors. Vegetable tanning or vegan leatherare methods considered to be more environmentally friendly.

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